Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aaron @ School

Just a few photos to share of Aaron at school. The last couple of days I have left my little point & shoot camera with his teacher as I wanted a particular photo of him doing spelling because I have a story to go with it (see below). But there's something wrong with the camera - it takes about 3-4 photos then the batteries are completely flat! GRRR (Lyndon has the DSLR in Finland with him for a couple of weeks ... I am missing it (and him of course!) ;-) He took it to capture the snow ... 60cms on the ground when he arrived on Monday!)
So yesterday's pics ... here he's colouring (or scribbling) not sure which!

And they made Chinese New Year cookies. He came home with a little bag of them and they were promptly eaten super quick by two little cookie monsters!

And here's the photo I especially wanted ... they have a tray of plastic letters in the class with a little container of bits & pieces which they lay out on the mat and then spell whatever it is; e.g. cat, leg, bag, tub, zip.

A couple of weeks ago after I picked him up from school I asked him what he did at school today.
Aaron - "I did spelling"
Me - "really, what did you spell?"
Aaron - "cat, leg, zip, bag"
Me - "Wow that's very clever of you. How do you spell cat?"
Aaron - "kaaaa .... aarrrrr .... tttttttt" (try to imagine if you can him sounding out the letters)
Me - "c ... a ... t, thats right"
Aaron - "No Mummy, it's not c ... a ... t, it's kaaaa .... aarrrrr .... tttttttt that spells cat"!!!
Heheehee I just laughed :-)
So now I have the photo to go with the story to scrap :-)
I have done 3 more LO's on our holiday album and have another 2 nearly complete. But not going to bother taking pics with this little camera - it's driving me nuts!
Kids are on holiday now till next Thursday because of Chinese New Year. So I will have to think of some things to entertain them! ;-) This afternoon I have a chiropractor appointment and a Dr's appointment, so that will be fun taking both them along won't it!!! (I think I will strap Maddison into the pram!!) hehehee


Serene Ho said...

Aaron's correct that he uses phonic sounds to spell the word! Clever boy! LOL. enjoy the long break!

Penny said...

oh very cute :) great way for them to learn to spell. I really like the Montessori learning principles.

topkatnz said...

ROFL - which one are you missing more - Lyndon or the camera?? - come on, fess up!heehee

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i'm glad the holidays are over in singapore... LOL. 4 days weekend is enough already.