Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holiday LO's

I have started scrapping my 350+ photos I got printed of our NZ holiday last year! :-) Decided that I would try really hard to only use stash I already have. So I have been digging in my patterned papers (you just wouldn't credit how long I have had some of them!), hopefully I can use up some of the really old ones in this album. Also want to have minimal embellishments as the album is going to be bulging at the seams just with photos, let alone bulky embellishments. So I've told myself I'm only allowed to go chipboard height off the page! heheheee
I wrote a dairy while we were away and it's amazing the things you forget! Like Maddison up the night before we left with vomiting and diarrhoea and Aaron waking up on the plane and throwing up everywhere! (mind you those kind of details are probably best forgotten! hehee) Lyndon leaving his manbag on the plane when we got to Singapore ... so glad that someone very kind & honest handed it in and that we didn't miss our connecting flight!
1st page - really really old patterned paper - the little camera embellishment is cutout from the paper :-) Journalling is about getting ready to go and getting from KL to Singapore.

2nd page - a double LO - basically journalling about the flight over and getting into ChCh. Again old patterned paper from My Minds Eye (originally bought for Aaron's 1st year album! huh ... I just need to use it instead of hoarding!).

This morning I have spent over an hour date sorting the piles of photos ... and now I have them OUT OF REACH of little children! There were in order before, but they kept muddling them up! So now the task begins of scrap, scrap & scrap! :-)
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Anonymous said...

They look awesome, Rachel!

Serene Ho said...

yay! looking forward to see more LOs!

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

you cant be worse than me...i dont think I ever got my wedding scrapped though I bought papers for them like eons ago!

topkatnz said...

I am most impressed - I am still working on the album of photos from our holiday to Oz nearly 2years ago!LOL