Saturday, February 27, 2010

Build an Airport ...

That's what Aaron did this afternoon (with some help from Daddy).

It was very high tech as it even had the baggage handler running the length of it to load all the bags onto the plane (yellow & blue blocks near the planes tail).
Aaron's attempt at pointing to the baggage! haha
Five minutes after taking the photo he'd destroyed it ... I think that's what the wooden tractor & 4-wheeler were on standby for!!
Tonight Lyndon requested a chicken rice dish for tea. I just looked at him and said 'hummm'. So he found this recipe for me. I decided it was going to be a bit time consuming (I am a lazy cook and besides it was after 4pm) and I didn't have any mushroom soup anyway. So I did another google search, but every chicken rice dish I found had mushroom soup in it. So I thought to myself since I had to waddle down to the supermarket to get the soup, to save time I'll combine two recipes, the one he found and this one. It's nearly finished cooking ... I wonder what it will be like ;-) I just put it all in the dish together, gave it a good stir and shoved it in the oven :-) Very quick & easy - hope it tastes okay!! (Oh I didn't put in any paprika as Mr 4 doesn't eat anything spicy!!!)

Right better go and check it I suppose.
*** Edited to add ... dinner was actually very yummy! Will be making it again for sure. Lyndon had seconds and Aaron even ate it without much fuss! ;-) (Note: I did add another 1/2 cup of water to the mixture and I am glad I did - only took an hour to cook and the chicken wasn't thawed properly - diced chicken fillets). ***


Mrs Frizz said...

so we could have a budding engineer in training do you think ???

How did tea go? was it edible?

topkatnz said...

Very cool airport. and strangely enough I make lots of chicken on rice dishes and NONE require mushroom soup!LOL