Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look what I found!!

I could hardly believe my eyes!!!   I restrained myself though ... RM19.89 each ... that's about NZ$8.00!  I will save it for when I need emergency rations I think heheee
Not much happening this neck of the woods.  Lyndon has been in Thailand again - gets back tomorrow some time.  Today when school finished I picked up Aaron & Maddison and their little friends, Yara & Senna, and we went to their place for the afternoon.  OH MY GOODNESS ... four kids in the car aged between 2 and just over 4!!  WHAT A RACKET ... I think Aaron was the worst!  He was definitely not using his inside voice!  Didn't help that he was sitting in the front and was "directing" me (think he was pretending to be the GPS heheee), then when he was sure I knew which way to turn he'll turn around and yell to Yara where we were going and which way we were turning!  Seriously my ears were ringing by the time we got there!  I was glad it was only about a 6 minute drive!  LOL
The girls spent most of the afternoon running around with just knickers or nappies on (it was pretty warm!) so I didn't bother with photos today ;-)  They had a great time though and of course very upset when it's time to go home.  All is peaceful here now though :-)  Maddison hasn't had an afternoon sleep for 2 days and quite frankly she's pretty nasty by the time the afternoon comes around.  I am over it totally, but she just doesn't seem to understand that she's nasty because she's tired!  Oh well ... I keep telling myself that this too shall pass (probably be something worse so I guess I shouldn't complain!)  ;-)
There's a wedding celebration going on in one of the penthouse suites of our condo tonight ... if I didn't have kids I think I would be VERY tempted to park myself down in the foyer just to see all the guests arriving in their finery :-)  hehehee  I saw a couple of guests in the lift and they looked very beautiful, the lady was in pink and purple :-)  But I didn't want to stare too much!!
Right I am out of here.  Hope to be back with something creative to share soon.


topkatnz said...

Wowee $8 for a block of Choccie! well - maybe it has real gold in it!!LOL Good luck at keeping your sanity with Miss M.

Penny said...

oooo -definitely for emergency rations only! ;-)

Lydia's given up on afternoon sleeps at daycare now. She gets so tired by the end of the week. I make her sleep on the weekend though.