Saturday, September 5, 2009

We are home

And I still haven't unpacked all of these!
We had a good flight ... kids were pretty good actually. Maddison only had just over an hours sleep between Christchurch & Singapore tho. Here's some pics of them enjoying a peanut snack (and watching Horton Hears a Who) ;-)

Thought I'd share these two pics as well ... this one is on the train between terminals in Singapore on the way to NZ at the end of May ...
And this one is on the train between terminals at KL airport on Thursday night. Maddison has grown a bit :-)
We hired 2 taxis to get us home from the airport (cheaper than a van!). Over here the boots in the taxis are really small because of the gas tank. Maddison and I went in one and I think the driver heard me telling Lyndon we were going a different way to usual and would be interesting to see who got home first, because he put his foot down (I didn't realise taxis could go that fast!). The only problem was it seemed to me like he was sitting on an electric prodder and every time he felt a few volts he'd jerk his foot on the accelerator! Sort of a new kind of neck massage technique for the passengers! LOL Anyway I knew we were back in Malaysia because the driver straddled the white line on every lane he was in (or supposed to be in!) And if he was in the middle lane then he'd take turns at straddling the line on either side! In the end I just held on to Maddison and shut my eyes LOL (and yes we bet Lyndon's taxi home!!)
Friday Aaron opened his birthday present from Uncle A & Aunty R & cousins T, M & D. VERY VERY pleased with it. :-)
This morning the kids were up early (the time zone is hard for them coming this way!), so Lyndon took them to the playground at 8am. Nice and cool - about 29degs. :-) hehehee

Okay - Maddison is sleeping so I will try and unpack some of my craft gear! (Our winter clothes are packed away already) heheee


topkatnz said...

wow - you're home! bet it feels a little strange - but very hot!

Mrs Frizz said...

29 degrees eh ... well that's not fair!!! although we were in the mid teens today beautiful Spring day here at the bottom of the world - lol.

Hannah said...

Glad you made it home safely and the kids did well on the trip again. Must have been a shock coming back to those temps after spending winter here!

Good luck with the unpacking - the WORST thing about going away! ;-)

Penny said...

ugh - unpacking is such a drag.
Glad you made it safely back! M has grown for sure. How did the Trunki's go?