Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Play time

Yesterday afternoon found these two scallywags playing school buses or something! Not sure exactly - but they were having a snack and Aaron was sharing his with a penguin LOL
This morning we have been down to the playground until it got too hot and sweaty! Maddison had fun playing with the jungle animals ...
Aaron used them to play 10 pin bowling!

Lining them up for another attack!
Slipping down the 'fireman's pole'.
Aaron told Maddison she had to be careful riding Grandad's motorbike! LOL
Brotherly love ... rocking her so fast that she nearly flies into space!
A normal look from Miss 2!!! ;-)
I've been scrapping :-) be back later to share.


topkatnz said...

great pics - have they started back at montessori yet?

Penny said...

awwwwwwww cute!

Hannah said...

Awesome photos of the kids playing! It looks like they had the place to themselves ... always nice :-)