Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random Bits & Pieces

Am I allowed to do 3 posts a day?   Cause I am!
Yesterday about 5pm the kids and I went downstairs to use the dryer with a couple of loads of towels I'd done and there were a lot of kids in the playground ... so of course my two were off in a flash!  I was sitting on a bench watching them play and noticed a couple of the little kids had bites (mozzie bites I think) all over their legs, and it got me wondering.  My kids and I hardly ever get bitten, and if we do it's only a couple and they don't welt up.  Now Lyndon is another story ... mozzies love attacking him!!  (He's obviously too sweet LOL).  I decided it was because either the kids and I are sour, or that we have Marmite (New Zealand Marmite, not that other stuff!) pretty much every day on a piece of toast and it's got Vit B in it and that helps with bites.  (By the way ... I have to bring NZ Marmite with me because I can't get it over here!!)  But tonight when I was sitting in the kids room waiting for them to go to sleep, my mind was whiring all over the place ... as it does in between 'power naps' heheheee and I realised the kids have the same blood type as me and Lyndon is different, so it must be something to do with the blood group too.  I haven't done any research on the topic (can't be bothered), and can't recall exactly what my blood type is off the top of my head, but it's a negative one I remember that!  So I've decided there's postives in negatives heheheee.  One day I might actually see if my random thinking is actually true LOL
What else can I bore you with?
This afternoon the kids and I walked down to our local market ...
You can get all sorts of trash and treasure here ... fruit, veges, food, jewellery, kids junky toys, sticker books (by the mile!), second hand magazines, second hand shoes (seriously!), clothing, bonsai trees, socks, undies, pottery, bread, window blinds, and there's even a Tupperware stand (I kid you not!).  Quite fascinating really. We go to check out the trash kids toys (they generally last a couple of weeks (if you are lucky) before they break!) and buy some fruit and our tea.  Tonight we got apples, strawberries, sweet corn, lettuce, and Thai for tea.  :-)  
There's three ponds there as well, one has water lillies in it and small fish and the other two have big fish - like monster gold fish!  
Okay, that's enough randomness from me tonight.  


Penny said...

We're all O+ in this house but Rod seems to attract the most mozzies. For me it's sandflies that give me big welts, mozzies not so much. I know they are attracted to CO2 so probably Rod exudes more since his body is bigger ;)

mmmm strawberries. so looking forward to the season.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rachel, I am an A- and I get bitten (and react nicely) all the time!! The mind is an interesting thing how it whirrs around!!! LOL. Kate xoxox

Cindy Lee said...

Mosquitos are attracted to body heat. So if your body temperature are higher than the others, then mosquitos will likely come to you. Blood type also contribute a bit.

Is that weekend market at The Curve?