Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to School

The kids went back to school today. They have started the morning session at Montessori. So ... here I am with the house to myself (well nearly! There's a bloke here cleaning the air conditioning units!)
Waiting at the lift - watching a bug on the floor I think.

Nice backpacks ;-)
Ahhhh ... Aaron's little girlfriend hehehee He was actually very pleased to see her, but when I asked him to smile for the photo I got this look! nice!
Maddison is in a 'large' group of toddlers ranging from ages 18 months to 2 and a half. It's very busy and noisy! She was sort of okay when I left, had to try twice though :-)
She's cutting some fruit here - I think she is going to be a left hander. (Where does that come from?)
Finding the right shape block to match the shapes on the lid. The little boy she's playing with is really cute. He comes right up to you and puts his head in your face and grins. Cracks me up. He's 20 months old and about half the size of Maddison LOL
Fun fun ... now what shall I do next :-) heheheee


Hannah said...

Ah, back to school :-) Love the backpack shot!
I hope they both enjoyed their day, and that YOU made the most of the alone time and some much-deserved peace & quiet :-)

bee said...

tq so much for dropping by my blog in that time I actually did a LO for scrap it lah hehehe. when I see your kids I miss my daughter's toddling years.

Penny said...

Ha! Breathing space for Mum! :) So sweet to see A's girlfriend again. I guess M will settle in again soon...