Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little Sayings of Aaron's

Thought I would record some of Aaron's little sayings. You can probably guess where he's picked some of them up from!!!
  • No 'Addison, that's Aaron's book!
  • 'Ello 'Addison, hab a good sleep?
  • 'Ello sweet harb (that's hello sweetheart to Maddison)
  • Hot 'n sweetee (hot and sweaty)
  • Oh Dear, 'Addison sick
  • No talking in meetings
  • 'G' for Granma (when pointing to the g in word orange)
  • 'Addison a naughty boy, or if he's with it 'Addison a naughty girl!
  • Carebul it's hot!
  • Push button in lib (lift)
  • What's this? (this becomes almost like a chant when he has a book!)
  • What does the cat say?
  • Penginns Granma's house (we have a world map on the wall that has animals on each country - where Grandma lives there happens to be penguins right on that spot, so Granma has penguins!)
  • Another bickie peese
  • Daddee's home

That's all I can think of right now, I am sure there are more I have forgotten though!


Penny said...

Grandma is lucky to have penguins at her house. I hope she has lots of fish to feed them.

Ruby beckham said...

handsome boy..