Tuesday, July 13, 2010


That's how some people in this part of the world pronounce Samuel's name :-) heheee (makes me grin every time I hear it).
Here's a couple of pics of the wee man wearing a little outfit Nana sent him. He's 8 and a half weeks old, 5.5 kgs and has a habit of messing at least one outfit a day!!

And a little smile!
Only caught the end of his smile though ... wasn't quick enough!
He's not sitting up by himself yet, but that spot in the couch (between the cushions) is the perfect place to plonk him down and he can sit there for a bit without sliding off to one side hehee


Mrs Frizz said...

and young Samwell ... has a gorgeous head of hair ... look at that wee grin.

Serene Ho said...

handsome boy, a definite Aaron lookalike, especially that smile :)

Penny said...

Samwell is looking cute :)