Monday, July 5, 2010

Just for Aunty ...

Aunty Irene mentioned there hasn't been enough photos of Maddison on my blog recently! heheee So I dedicate this post just for her :-)
It's called "An Afternoon in the Life of Maddison" :-)
She helped me do some baking today after school ... very important job to watch the beater going around on the cake mixer then lick it clean when it's finished.

hehehe - she's trying to see the mixture on the end of her nose! ;-)
After we made banana bread, we did a double batch of chocolate chip cookies - she helped with the measuring.
Flicking flour around with little fingers wasn't in the recipe but it happened anyway!
Checking if the banana bread had finished cooking through a 'telescope' :-) (finished a roll of baking paper so she was playing with that ... had to take it off her though when she put it up to Samuel's face and said "BOO" really loudly down it!! Little monkey.).
After the baking was all finished we went to the playground for an hour. I have no idea what she was doing here - but she'd been riding her bike around then walked around with her arms crossed and this ferocious look on her face for about five minutes! LOL
But her happy face came back :-)
She did a bit of tree climbing (well attempted too!).
More bike riding.
Some star gazing ...
See sawing.
Drunken sliding hehee
Here she is all nice and clean ready for bed, talking to Samuel and just generally smothering him!
Making sure his dummy is pushed to the back of his throat!
She really does love her little brother :-) She's just a little bit "over gentle". hehee (We're working on that!)
Hope you enjoyed the show Aunty.
Thanks for visiting.


Penny said...

licking the beater is an essential part of the baking process :P

Serene Ho said...

She's growing to look more like you Rachel. Lovely pictures :)

Mrs Frizz said...

she's growing up ... love all the helping with the baking pics ...