Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turning 3

Can last several days! ;-) On Friday Maddison celebrated at school with her princess cake, Saturday she opened her presents from us, and today she's opened some more presents, had lunch out, had an afternoon sleep, and had another birthday cake with friends this evening!
Another photo post sorry ... mainly for the grandparents. :-)
So on Saturday got a Barbie. I originally got the Barbie with the intention of using her for the cake, but her legs didn't twist off, so I ended up getting an ultra cheap Barbie look alike from Tesco and her legs twisted off. Here's Maddison playing with both dolls (cheapo has her legs back on again hehee).

She also got new mary-jane crocs (from their 70% sale a few months ago). :-)
A baking set.
And of course books, clothes etc! She's wearing one of her new tee-shirts. We also got her a toy kitchen. I ended up getting one from Ikea, so she "helped" Daddy put it together after lunch.

All assembled (spot the shoes ... she wore them all day).
She spent some time poking Samuel in the face with Barbie's hand!
And all ready for bed after a fun day ... wearing her new "No Mummy it's not a princess nightie it's Snow White"! ;-)
After she was in bed I set up her kitchen with all her bits & pieces :-) Quite fun actually.
The elements even "glow".
Today was her actual birthday, so when she was dressed she opened her presents from Uncle M & Aunty K and cousins C & E. Princess cards are even more exciting upside down :-)
Someone else getting in on the proceedings! ;-)
She got lots of goodies, but her new "kipping rope" was exciting! I have been a meany and haven't undone it for her yet. I've told her she has to wait till tomorrow when we go down to the playground (school holidays have started!). Besides I didn't want ropes being thrown about inside today thanks.
We had lunch out with some friends at a Chinese Restaurant. Here's Aaron eating with chopsticks (yeah right!).
Maddison just goes straight for the spoon (you can shovel more in that way LOL).

After that yummy feast we came home and had a sleep. When Maddison woke I got her to hold up 3 fingers for me to show how old she was.
She got some stickers from Uncle M, Aunty K, & C & E as well ... here she's telling me all about the butterfly ones!
"They fly up in the sky like this Mummy!" hehee
The cake our friends got for Maddison tonight.
She sung Happy Birthday loudly this time too hehee

Cutting the cake (look at Aaron watching) :-)
Also had a big plate of these yummy goodies ... can't remember (let alone spell) their proper names, but in English they were spring rolls, bananas, sweet potato and something else all deep fried! Very badly delicious :-)
They didn't have power to the lights and air con while we were there, so it was a bit warm (thankfully it was drizzly rain otherwise it would have been hotter). Samuel was in the lap of luxury with Aunty Irene while she fanned him. :-)
Now all three little cherubs are sound asleep in bed :-) More presents to open tomorrow! (I think I might be able to stretch out the presents for the first week of the holidays ... what do you reckon!) hehee


iris said...

I really really enjoyed reading your post! SO many funny details. Your Madison is such a pretty little lady. And it is wonderful seeing your new baby! So cute! Oh poor little one.. poked in the face by Barbie! And I pitty cheapo for loosing her legs.. all back now huh? :)

Penny said...

ooooooo so wish we had Ikea here. The oven I got for Lydia so tacky and I want one like Maddison's now! :P

Happy birthday big 3 yr old!

topkatnz said...

That's a pretty fab looking kitchen there - I can sense a very large shipping container in your future!!LOL I didn't realise our kids birthdays were only one day apart! Happy BD Madison!

Yeong Shong said...

The kitchen looks so real and sturdy....I want one too, but again space concern....

Serene Ho said...

A kitchen helper in her own little kitchen. Happy Birthday Maddison! What a great pictorial story to remember! And the bruise on her knee is all forgotten :)