Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't Bother ...

making plans to be creative when you have kids!! I was planning to do some scrapbooking or card making this afternoon ... what a joke that turned out to be!
This morning when I took the kids to school Aaron's teacher told me that Aaron had said yesterday that "Mummy is making a volcano cake for the birthday party and I'm going to bring it to school!" So when she questioned him a bit more he said it was for this Friday, the party they are having for their last day with their teacher (no birthday about it at all!). I just looked at the teacher and said "Oh really". She told me it sounded neat and asked what flavour it was going to be! HAHAHAHA How could I say "No I'm not making a cake" when my darling son had already told everyone I was and the teacher's asking me what flavour! ;-) So change of plans ... check recipes and head out to the supermarket to get the ingredients I needed and didn't have in the cupboard. Then huffed and puffed my way back home (with frosty lemon tea in hand hehee) to bake a basic chocolate cake.
I bought this cake book a month ago for RM5 ... sooooo cheap (that's like NZ$2.45!!!) and it's got some very neat cakes in it and the Volcano one just happened to be one of them that Mr "Mad about Birthdays" has his eye on!! (sorry Aaron's got his mouth full of chocolate muffin in this pic! just sampling you know!)

I will tell you now that mine is going to look a little different to that because I don't have a dolly varden cake tin (I sure would like one though!). So I've used my ring tin (you can see a pic of what the cake looks like on this old post - without the lopsided business!) and saved a bit of the mixture to make some muffins so I can put one down the hole so I won't loose all the red lava! Well that's the plan anyway. I'll post pics of the finished work of art (snigger snigger) tomorrow. Aaron was desperate to stay up tonight and help me ice it, (ahhh no thanks!) so I've compromised and told him he can poke the burnt trees in it (that's the choc covered pretzel sticks!) tomorrow morning when he gets up ;-)
On to other random stuff ... here's some pics of Samuel. He's 7 weeks old today. He spends a bit of time on the change table while I am rushing around in the morning getting the kids ready for school and he yabbers and dribbles and flaps his arms about waving to these other babies :-)

And Nana ... those little socks you sent over for him hehehee ... they look like little gumboots on him :-)
More random pics - Lyndon was in Australia for work a couple of weeks ago and bought back these tee-shirts for the kids.
Front -
Back -
And this for Samuel ... it's still a little big for him yet.
Oh and the kids were in the bath tonight and I overheard this ...
Aaron was singing a grace (Day by Day) and Maddison says "No 'Table Spread' Aaron" then she launches forth singing "This table spread, I love you, I love you" to the tune of the Barney song!! LOL :-)
I'll add that they have their favourite graces to sing and Aaron's is 'This Table Spread' and Maddison's is "These Tokens" and we try and take turns, but often we end up singing both because one will have a tantrum that their favourite wasn't sung! Oh well it's good to be thankful isn't it! :-)
I don't think I have recorded this one here yet, so will before I loose the bit of paper I've written it on!
The kids and I were having pizza for dinner one night when Mum was here - she was out shopping with Lyndon. So we are sitting eating and Aaron was telling me he's a good boy eating his pizza all up etc. etc. Then he stands up on his chair and lifts his shirt up to show his tummy and says "I eat it all up so my tummy grows big like Daddys!" heheheheee Love it - and so pleased he didn't say big like Mummy's! LOL
Right - off to deal with this volcano! :-)
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Serene Ho said...

I couldn't stop laughing. What a funny and light-hearted journal. I certainly hope your volcano cake will keep standing till Friday..haha. Looking forward to see what it will look like LOL!

Penny said...

buahahahahah! Hope the cake has turned out ok :D I'm lucky - Tim always wants a train cake so my $25 train cake pan is used every year. Lydia claims she wants another pink cake.

I am so glad we are not the only family who sings grace twice to appease one who wants Day by Day and the other who wants... anything else but that.

I will wait and see if Chris starts the Barney grace at Puke.

Mrs Frizz said...

so Daddy has got a big tummy huh ... have you shared that with Daddy ... out of the mouths of babes ... gotta love them!