Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All About Aaron

Today's post is about Aaron :-) On Monday's he has Taekwondo after school. Every time I ask him to show me some moves or something he's learnt he just shakes his head and runs off. If I ask him to tell me rather than show I just get "oh we played with balls!" Right ...
I really wanted to get some photos of him doing his "thing" but knew if I was in the class with the camera it would be a riot and I wouldn't get any photos that would really tell the story. So last week I checked with the Principal if she could ask the Taekwondo teacher if taking photos was okay and if so could I give her my camera to take some pics for me. So that's what happened :-)
Aaron just goes all goofy when he sees these hehee But the good thing is that 95% of the photos taken Aaron was smiling and laughing, so when he tells me he doesn't like it I can say I don't believe him hehee
Clowning around before class.

Listening to instructions!

No wonder he tells me it's "hard" hehehee ... no bending your knees young man! ;-)
Sitting watching while waiting his turn to do some jumping.

Is he gearing up to do the haka? hehee
Was very neat to see the pictures ... there were some over all shots of the boys (there's 12 in the class) doing their stuff. Aaron isn't the only pale face hehehee ... there's another little boy with blond hair and a couple with brown :-)
The last few days Aaron has been singing Jingle Bells for some reason! Not sure where that's come from, but his version goes like this:
"Jingle spells, jingle spells
Jingle all the way
Lots of fun it is to ride
On a horsey hey hey hey"
I told him the words weren't quite right, but he has the tune off beautifully. So we need to practice to get the words correct. He just grinned at me and went of humming it instead! hahaa
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Serene Ho said...

LOL! It's nice to have someone at home who is witty and funny. Great pictures!

topkatnz said...

all set for mid winter christmas!LOL

Penny said...

Great stuff Aaron :)
I like his version of jungle Bells..