Thursday, July 8, 2010


Serene, my lovely friend in Singapore, printed some tee-shirts for the kids (you can see the pictures clearer on her blog post about them here). I was all organised this morning, had Samuel dressed in his (it's a little big for him yet) and Lyndon got Aaron and Maddison dressed and when they finished breakfast I was going to take some photos of the 3 of them!
I tried, really I did!
When I went to pick Samuel up from his bouncer I discovered he had been VERY busy ...

hehehe - look at his eyes! They are like organ stops. He's probably thinking "for goodness sake put that camera away and get me out of this poop!" :-)
So the photo shoot got put on hold while he had another shower and a change of clothes! His lovely new singlet is now soaking in a bucket of "magic poop remover" and I have my fingers crossed that there won't be any stains!!!
Kids! If it's not one of them up to mischief it's another! hehehe
So when Samuel was in a clean singlet I got some pics of the three of them :-) (Aaron is still doing his goofy laugh & smile thing whenever he sees the camera pointed at him!)

You can see the shirts a little clearer here - Maddison is standing on tiptoes by the way! Aaron is still a bit taller than her hehee
And here's the little monkey himself! 8 weeks old today :-)

Still working on getting some nice smile pictures. When he's busy smiling and chatting to me, the camera isn't in reach. I need to get prepared!
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Serene Ho said...

I cannot stop laughing Rachel! The look that Samuel gave was just too classic! LOL! Thanks to the little models for taking pictures in the t-shirts. I'm so happy they could wear them. Thanks to Lyndon too for his help. It sure made my day!

Serene Ho said...

By the way, Samuel's 8 weeks picture looks great!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! I remember those days ... number 3's I think they call them now! But I wasn't a blogger or a scrapbooker back when my boys were doing the explosive poo thing, so never got a photo! Is that good or bad?! Anyway, glad it came off and love the photo of all 3 kiddos in their new duds.

Penny said...

LOL! Oh well... try again another day. :)

topkatnz said...

What cool shirts - pity about the poop!

Mrs Frizz said...

OMG I'm seriously laughing ... I've got tears and OMG that took me back a few years ... some things you just don't forget!