Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Laundry Tales

I'm going to air some clean laundry here! ;-)

I have to record this because it's made me laugh and besides it's part of life here. One day I will get round to doing a scrapbook page about it, and when I do I'll need the journalling!
Because we live in an apartment, I have a very small laundry area. Lyndon put up a washing line for me above the bench - there's 5 lines about 1.5 metres in length each. With careful planning I can hang two full loads of washing up there!

The clothes line is in a plastic casing and the original string has been replaced by some thick plastic covered stuff which so far is holding up to the strain of our laundry :-)
For obvious weight reasons I don't hang heavy stuff up there, like Lyndon's jeans, sheets and towels, I use the driers in the Condo's Laundry Room.

I have a love/hate relationship with these driers. They are fantastic in that I can wash two loads of towels and put both of them in one drier load and an hour and 10 minutes later they are nice and dry. But I hate that they are coin operated. You see I am not the only person in this 200+ apartment condo that use the driers, and when the coin box is full they stop working. The problem is that the key to empty the coin boxes is with the supplier of the machines - not the maintenance or admin people at our condo. So when the drier stops the supplier has to be phoned. This last episode has taken a week (A WEEK if you can imagine!) to come and empty the coins and reset the machines. I have complained about 4 times in the last week, because the load of unwashed damp towels at our place was becoming unmanageable! Late yesterday afternoon the concierge phoned me to say the driers were working again. YAY - I immediately put on a load of towels to wash.
Later in the evening when I went down with a couple of loads of towels to put through the drier I laughed and laughed ... you see I have repeatedly asked the admin people to request that the supplier of the driers come on a more regular basis to empty the coins! The reason I laughed ... instead of coming more frequently they have doubled the capacity of the coin boxes hehehee

They are huge now! And what's the bet we'll still have the same problem though - because they've increased the capacity of coins, they will increase the length of time on their roster to come and empty the coins ... so we'll still be in the same boat! hahaa
Anyway I am happy today because I have got all my towels washed, dried and put away :-)


Mrs Frizz said...

bigger coin boxes huh - too funny!!!

Serene Ho said...

clever idea for laundry hanging and what a joke about the coin boxes! At least you got your towels dried. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hehe! At least you can laugh about it! I think those of us with our own dryers and big outside washing lines will feel quite grateful that we can do laundry whenever we like ... something we probably take forgranted! Glad you got your towels done EVENTUALLY! :-)

Penny said...

Laundry blues! Yes, worthy of a scrap page I think.

Cindy Lee said...

Haha...this is so Malaysian style!