Monday, July 19, 2010

Intense ...

That's what this week is going to be! VERY intense!
Lyndon got a phone call, and I got an email(!), late this morning to say that Aaron had been accepted into the International School we enrolled him in at the beginning of the year. He had an assessment in April and we were told that he was on a waiting list due to there only being a few places left and they had gone to students who already had siblings at the school. So 2 and a half weeks before the new school year starts we get told he's in! PANIC ... that means this is his last week at Montessori school (they are on holiday for 2 and a half weeks from Friday). I felt like I should be breathing into a paper bag at one stage today ... I managed to eat half a cake of chocolate instead!!! :-) Made me feel better at the time ... scales won't like me tomorrow though will they! LOL
So a few bullet points of what's on the agenda this week:
  • Lyndon is off to Korea today for the week
  • Samuel has a Dr's appointment tomorrow (which I have left a message to postpone yet again, but haven't heard back from them yet)
  • Maddison's 3rd birthday is next weekend, so she's having the MUCH requested "Princess" cake, made by yours truly, at school on Friday before they go on holiday.
  • I need to do goodie bags for the kids in her class (thankfully there's only 7)
  • I need to make another cake for Aaron's leaving party at school ... have asked for it to be Thursday since I can't be in both his and Maddison's class at the same time taking photos (and besides I don't want to be up all night icing two cakes!!)
  • I need to do goodie bags for his class mates as well (24 of them! help us ... and Aaron has requested that the boys get hot wheel cars in their bags!!) (Yes sir!)
  • The email from the international school said that the uniform shop is open on Thursday for a few hours ... so I need to phone them tomorrow and see if it's open any other time!
  • I also need to find out what his new school hours will be and the details on him catching a bus
  • I need to remember to breath deep ... slowly in and out!
  • And maybe eat chocolate!
  • This afternoon the kids and I went down to the local supermarket and they chose goodie bags, Princess ones for the girls and Cars ones for the boys. When I went to pay their visa machine wasn't working and I didn't have enough cash. So gave them what I did have and now I have to go back tomorrow morning to pay the rest! (Typical!)
  • I have 2 birthday cards to make this week - one for a school friend of Aaron's and one for Maddison.
  • I need to finally move back into our bedroom now the floors are all finished, and also because Aunty Irene might be coming for a sleepover on Thursday.
I am going to be caked out by the end of the week!
The fun doesn't stop there though. As if I didn't have enough going on. You know a couple of months ago we had a leak in the bathroom, well on Saturday they guys came back to remove the excess glue from the new replacement floor and now that job is finally complete. Nearly 2 months later!
You want to know what happened on Sunday ....
Our main bathroom of our master bedroom has a leak under the vanity!
It's leaking from the wall, coming out through the grouting in the marble. Thankfully though the entire bathroom is a wet area, so that's not such an issue. But we have to keep turning the water off to the bathroom when we aren't using the shower otherwise there's roughly about 2 buckets of water on the floor within the space of 2 hours!
So now starts the very slow painful process of getting that leak fixed! Sigh ...
The maintenance manager came this morning to check it out and has already told me they don't have that colour marble tile in stock anymore so it will be different! (wonder what the landlord will say to that!)
More chocolate I say.
So Tuesday is going to go something like this ...
  • Let the maid in (hehehee)
  • Get the kids to school
  • Try phoning Dr's again to make sure I can cancel Samuel's appointment (otherwise my day is going to be totally stuffed)
  • Walk down to Supermarket to pay the rest of money I owe
  • Walk home
  • Feed Samuel again
  • Put Samuel to bed
  • Wait till he's asleep :-) (and hopefully he will stay asleep for the maid)
  • Eat some chocolate
  • Dash out in the car to buy -
    - enough hot wheels cars for little boys goodie bags
    - something for little girls goodie bags (thinking of lip gloss)
    - more flour for cake baking
  • Dash back home
  • Inhale lunch (left overs)
  • Feed Samuel
  • Eat some more chocolate
  • Pick up kids from school
  • Phone International School
  • Put together goodie bags (and put them out of reach from little miss nearly 3!)
  • Organise snack & drink for the kids
  • Collapse on the couch
  • Think I really should be getting up and doing something about cooking dinner!!!
  • Eat some chocolate instead!
And on it goes. Pretty ordinary day really I suppose ... somewhere in there I have to fit in doing some loads of washing and getting the maid to help me move Samuel's cot back into our room.
Just as well I don't have gardens to tend, lawns to mow and pets to look after aye! LOL
The main events for the rest of the week ...
  • Bake cake & ice it for Aaron's farewell party on Thursday
  • Take Aaron's cake to school, plus goodie bags
  • Take lots of photos
  • Think to myself "thank goodness I don't have to clean up that mess!!!"
  • Bake "Princess" cake & ice it for Maddison's 3rd birthday party at school on Friday
  • Takeaways for dinner (Pizza)
  • Take Maddison's cake to school, plus goodie bags
  • Take lots of photos
  • Think to myself "thank goodness I don't have to clean up that mess!!!" LOL
  • Wonder if I can do takeaways two nights in a row?? ;-)
  • Lyndon's home YAY
  • Put together Maddison's birthday present (needs to be assembled)
  • Present time! Letting Maddison open her presents on Saturday rather than Sunday, her actual birthday, because we will be out and about on Sunday plus I want her to have a sleep in the afternoon. It would be too cruel to let her open her presents then tell her she has to have a sleep!
  • Eat remainder of Princess Cake
  • Have an early night!!
Right that's me over and out. I need to go and do the dishes, hang out the load of washing that's beeping to tell me it's finished, and head to bed.
Thanks for visiting. I might not be back on here this week hehee ... maybe on Saturday afternoon with some photos of the weeks happenings!


Anonymous said...

Goodness!! I am tired just READING all that, so I can imagine how tired you will be after it's all done! But great news that Aaron has been accepted to the school. Bummer that you don't have much time to prepare, but I'm sure things will work out. I hope the birthday celebrations go well! Looking forward to seeing pics!

topkatnz said...

Well I'm scared and exhausted just reading the list - thank goodness for chocolate is all I can say!big hugs - remember what doesn't kill you, drives you mad...ooops, no, I think that's supposed to read, 'makes you stronger'!!LOL

Penny said...

And then people ask you what you do all day eh? well.
Great news that Aaron's going to the International School though :)

Mrs Frizz said...

ummmmmmmmm ... gulp ... what can I say ... how about ... make it a king 'king size' cake of chocolate that you have on the go - ROFLMAO ... you're gonna need it.

Serene Ho said...

OMG have a whole lot of things to complete on your to-do list! Hope you will accomplish them in a jiffy! Take a break when you can! Hugs!