Friday, July 16, 2010

Conversations with Little People

They are really quite entertaining :-)
Yesterday Aaron had a little friend (Jessica) from his class come and play after school. She has an older sister & brother, not sure how old her sister is (she's in England I got told!) and her brother turns 10 soon. Was just interesting for me to see the difference between girls and boys conversations, particularly when they are surrounded by older people. It was also obvious to me that Maddison is definitely a tom-boy! hehee
Jessica was very interested in Samuel until he did a little bottie cough. "Oh that's disgusting, I think I might vomit"!! (You can picture me giggling to myself!) She still kept looking at him though. A while later I was feeding Samuel and we had a little conversation like this:
Jessica "What are you doing?"
Me "I'm feeding Samuel some milk"
Jessica "With your boobs?"
Me "Yes"
Jessica "Do they have holes in them?"
Me "Yes they do, and when Samuel sucks he gets the milk" (having trouble holding the laughing in at this stage ... you had to see her face!)
Jessica "Oh that's disgusting, I think I might vomit!"
Me "Well if you really think you have to be sick, please go to the bathroom"
Jessica "Oh I'm good at vomiting in the toilet"
Me "Oh ... well that's nice to know!" (Really what does one say to that comment!! hehee)
Anyway after a bit she said she needed to go to the toilet and came back and said she'd done her vomit in the toilet! Really truly she had! (You should have seen my face!! LOL Mind you I was very very pleased she had done it in the toilet, otherwise she would have been really disgusted if she'd seen me dry retching if I'd had to clean it up!)
I was changing Samuel's nappy and she came up, so I just asked her to go and play somewhere else because she was sure to think it was disgusting and I didn't want her to be sick again! ;-)
Was a most entertaining afternoon for me :-) hehehee

This morning Aaron & I had a little conversation ...

Aaron "Hey Mum, I'd like a baby like Samuel"
Me "Really - where are you going to get a baby from?"
Aaron "Yeah, I'm going to have a baby"
Me "What are you going to call your baby?"
Aaron "Ummmm ... (big long pause while he looks at the ceiling!) Haymo, that's it's name"
Me "Haymo ... that's an interesting name, is Haymo a boy or a girl?"
Aaron "Ummmm ... it's a girl because the Doctors checked it and they said it's a girl and Aaron's going to get big in 5 hours and have a baby Haymo"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me - I was speechless!
So when I pick him up from school at 1pm I will see if he's growing big hehehee
Haymo! Where on earth did that name come from?
Samuel's conversations consist of gurgling, grinning, burping & bottie coughing :-)

Maddison saw me taking photos of Samuel and said "Mummy, get me with my toast" :-)

We are looking forward to Daddy coming home early this afternoon (he's been in Australia this week), a potluck dinner with lots of friends this evening, a relaxing Saturday and a "Special" Sunday.
And now I am off to check the pavlova that's in the oven. I am taking that and about 5 batches of meringues for the potluck :-) (why so many ... there's about 50 people!)
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Penny said...

Oh man... that is so funny! (But also kind of disturbing that she can vomit so easily! And is disgusted by totally normal things). Just FYI, Lydia is absolutely fine with bottie coughs and booby milk ;-P

Will look forward to seeing Haymo represented on the blog...

Good luck with the pav!

Mrs Frizz said...

OMG - from the mouths of babes - lol ...

Serene Ho said...

so funny! haha...Haymo? haaha sure had a wondering day. Good thing the little girl did vomit in the toilet :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, that is hilarious!! I'm a little shocked that she actually vomited in the toilet though! Is watching a baby eat THAT awful?! Too funny!!

topkatnz said...

Has Haymo arrived yet????