Friday, July 2, 2010

Told you it was different!

Here's the finished piece! Took these pics this morning so the lava icing had slumped a bit overnight.
Question for you ... why does "red" food colouring only go pink, not red??? Very frustrating.
Here's the back of it. Aaron told me it needed dinosaurs, so I had a rummage in the toy box and washed up these 3 I found :-)

Such excitement heheee ... boy are these kids going to be on a sugar rush today or WHAT! They had all sorts of sweet treats and sugary drinks for their party! The cake would have been the overdose part I think! hehehehee

Here's the cover of the little mini album I made for Aaron's teacher. (Used my Tim Holtz alterations :-) They are awesome.) Kept it very simple because of lack of time and when I asked her what she wanted on the cover as a title she said "my album"! hehehee So that's what she got :-)
Right off to spend some time with Samuel ... he's doing lots of grins and cooing at me. I like that a lot :-)
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topkatnz said...

very cool cake - yum!

Serene Ho said...

That's a volcano alright! LOL. Maybe a little cocoa would have made the lava look darker. But does look like a volcano. Great job on the cake. I'm sure Aaron is proud of his mama for baking this cake :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, AWESOME cake!!! I'm not going to let my boys see the photos or else guess what I'll be making next birthday?!

To make true red icing, you need to use powder food colouring, not the liquid stuff (trust me, that will never go a proper red, even if you use a whole bottle). I had to figure that one out a few years ago when I made my first Spiderman cake. Here in NZ you can buy powder food colouring from specialty cake shops, so hopefully you could do the same over there? I've got red and black powder (because black is another colour that's almost impossible to make using the liquid stuff, if you can even find it).

Mrs Frizz said...

wowser - I'm impressed!!!! what a cake ... and lava is a reddy pink colour anyway ... lol ... fab-u-lous!!!!