Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last pics of Birthday Girl!

Apparently it's necessary to have 3 birthday cakes when you turn 3 ... I thought it was just 3 candles! We went out to friends on Wednesday night and they had a surprise cake for Maddison. She was pretty excited and enjoyed singing happy birthday again hehee She's been very spoilt. Hopefully she won't remember next year how many cakes she had when she turned 3 and expect 4! ;-)

On Friday Nana & Grandad's present arrived (took more than 2 weeks to find it's way to our mail box!) There were lots of lovely things in the bag ... but there was one thing in particular that she latched onto and has nearly slept with them since! This face sums up exactly how she feels about them!

Yep ... "Princess Shoes"
You just can not imagine the NOISE that these little plastic shoes make! We have tile and wood floors ... no carpet to soften the noise, so all day I hear "clop, clop, clop, clop, click, click, clop, click ..." well you get the idea!
There was a Dora puzzle in the bag too ... that gets played with, but then she remembers she has new shoes, so the puzzle gets abandoned while she trots off making more noise!
This morning I took this photo because she was all ready to go Hahahaa ... ah no you are NOT wearing those shoes sweetie! They are special indoor shoes!! (wink wink) What a little scruff she is with her dummy in! Her handbag had a couple of little dolls, an elephant, and a couple of cars! We compromised and let her bring the bag since she couldn't wear her choice of shoes, but the bag had to stay in the car.
The post from New Zealand has been shocking this last month ... she's still waiting on a pressie. I do hope it hasn't gone to someones else's home!
It's August already ... the countdown is on to Aaron's birthday now. He's already anticipating how much hot wheel stuff he's going to get! LOL ... I think he's going to be VERY disappointed because he's not getting anywhere near the amount he thinks he is hehee Will be interesting to see what sort of cake he wants for his birthday too since he's already had his volcano and car cake.


Penny said...

So cute and funny about the shoes! can just imagine the clip clop sound.

Yeong Shong said...

I refuse to buy princess shoes for Grace though she had asked for it numerous times. She had to settle with and old pair which was pass down by her cousin. The "clop, clop, click, click, clop" noise......argh. And yes, they are special indoor shoes. (luckily that pair of shoes is really worn out, and it broke into 2 after almost a week of sound surround effect!

Anonymous said...

I've loved seeing all the birthday posts and photos from Maddison's celebrations ... sorry I haven't had time to comment until now! It looks like she had a wonderful birthday. Too cute about the shoes! :-)

Serene Ho said...

LOL! the picture with the pacifier in her mouth and while she's on her princess heels is a blast!! haaha

Mrs Frizz said...

Gorgeous wee princess shoes and wow, Rachel, that second photo of little Miss M is a stunner!