Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Long May it Last ...

The enthusiasm of going to school :-) Today was Aaron's 2nd full day of school. Tuesday I took him in the car (with Maddison & Samuel), we got there before 8am and got a park easily, in the afternoon I was able to leave Maddison & Samuel with the lady that comes and does our cleaning while I went and picked Aaron up. I got there early and got to observe him doing PE hehee ... oh how I wished I had the video camera!
In the weekend we got him some sneakers ... this is a really BIG deal for Aaron! Since moving to Malaysia he's only worn crocs - the only closed in shoes he's had are ones we've bought in New Zealand for him while we were there on holiday. So to have sneakers like other kids sometimes wear was VERY exciting hehee :-) (I won't go into the difficulties of finding shoes that fit his very wide foot! sigh) Anyway he's wanted to wear these sneakers everywhere since ... on Monday I didn't let him wear them to the playground and he was so cross with me ... but Mothers do know best sometimes! (He ended up walking in the fountain!) I grin to myself every time I hear him say to Maddison (while he's wearing them) "Maddison, you know sneakers are very good for running and jumping, you only need to wear sneakers to run and jump!"

This morning was his first time on the bus, I arranged that I could go with him this morning (along with Maddison & Samuel) so it wasn't so scary. Here they are waiting for the bus in the foyer of our condo.
On the bus :-) We took up the whole back seat (it's a mini van). Wished I'd stretched my arm out somehow to get a photo of me with Samuel in the front pack hehee
We got picked up at 8am and were at school about 8.05 so both kids had lots of time to play in the playground before we left Aaron at his class and walked home.

And this afternoon he came home on the bus all by himself :-) He is (or I am) very lucky because he's last on in the morning and first off in the afternoon!
Today he bought a book home - I think they have a book a day programme at school. So far I have read it to them 4 times! (I hope it is a book a day and not a book a week! otherwise this book is going to be worn out hehee)

Maddison started back at Montessori today too. Samuel and I went and got the groceries this morning ... it's quite peaceful doing that with just a sleeping baby and not having to watch 2 other little rascals running about all over the place and putting interesting items in the trolley!
Hoping that I can actually achieve some crafty stuff now they are both back at school. :-) I have got some photos printed off and scribbled out the journalling I want to use on a LO for Scrap-it-Lah's challenge this month! Maybe tomorrow I'll get a chance to put it together! :-)


mariam said...

smiles!! I was so looking forward for this post hehehe

I love the last picture of Aaron.

He is such a good boy.

the sneakers fiasco is just typical him.

teacher jessy said...

Aww... Aaron looks really good with the sneakers!! I love the 3rd pic u snapped of M & A riding in the bus, scrap that photo!! Beautifully captured!!

topkatnz said...

Such a big and important step up for Aaron - taking his place as 'the big boy' - and so nice for you having some one on one time with Samuel - and a bit of peace too! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Great post! It sounds like he is settling in so well at school. He is a very big and brave boy to be getting the bus on his own ... but it must make life a LOT easier for you! And he looks happy!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

lucky to be last in the morning and first in the afternoon.. yes that!! :D