Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another year older

I still feel much the same as yesterday though! ;-)
Lyndon had the camera for a change today hehee The kids were very excited to open my presents!

Ahhhhh they know me well :-)
Here's my two little gourmet chefs! Yesterday Lyndon took the kids shopping so they could pick a present for me. They also went to the supermarket and picked out what they thought Mummy would like for lunch hehee :-) :-)

Pizza (bet it was Aaron that suggested that!) and ice cream (that would be Maddison!). Aaron picked out vanilla (that's my boy!) and Maddison picked out strawberry (I guess you might as well pick a flavour you like yourself!) heheee :-)
Lyndon really impressed me ... he'd even organised party hats!! :-)

Even Samuel had one :-)
As Maddison would say ... "Deeeeelicious" :-)
I made myself a cake last night, but Lyndon said he already got me one! hahaahaaa ... Oh well two cakes to scoff! ;-) I took some of the one I made to share with our friends this morning, so I don't need to be such a piglet!
He got a chocolate layer cake and very nice it was too. Lyndon asked what plate to put it on so I gave him one then he said what about candles. The only ones I had were these ones that I used for Maddison's princess cake :) So he put them all on (and no they don't stand for 40! ... not yet anyway!)

Dessert .... I left the strawberry ice cream for Maddison :-)
Samuel decided he'd had enough of being in his bouncer so he joined us at the table for dessert too :-)
I have been very spoilt ... didn't have to cook at all today and I even managed to have a snooze this afternoon! :-)
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Penny said...

hoorah for no cooking!! :) I'm amazed Samuel left his hat on!

A little something heading your way soon...

Yeong Shong said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!!!

mariam said...

Happy birthday Rachel! hugs!!

Yummy cake :) and ice cream and chocolates. sweet hafta scrap it lol. extra points for Lyndon for getting the hats!

topkatnz said...

Happy birthday my darling! gosh that lay cake is quite awesome with all those tiny layers!

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

the kiddoes sure knows whats the best prezzie ever! hugs!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful birthday!! I love that they chose "lunch" for you (their favourite foods) and that you had party hats! That cake looks delish :-)

Glad you had a nice birthday, Rachel. You deserve it!

Mrs Frizz said...

what a gourmet selection ... strawberries, ice cream, pizza and cake ... sounds good to me.

Throw in a fab-u-lous hat [or two] and you're done ...

Happy belated birthday from me!