Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yesterday they did some painting (just add water ... I do like those kind of painting books hehee)

Lets just say that Maddison has finished all the pictures in her book and Aaron still has 4 pages left because he was much neater! :-)
I'll have to do a LO about this little story as well .. just need to find a suitable picture ... maybe one of Maddison screwing up her nose hehee
We went down to check if there was any mail and when we got in the lift there was another lady in there. As soon as the doors opened I could smell durian. For those that don't know it has a very distinct smell which I find MOST unpleasant! Anyway Maddison starting talking away and I couldn't really understand what she was saying (mainly because I wasn't concentrating on her ... I was trying not to breathe through my nose!). The lady got out on a different floor to us and as she was leaving I finally realised what Maddison had been saying ...
Maddison - Mummy it smells in here!
Me - Yes it does, doesn't it.
Maddison - Mummy it smells nasty ... something smells.
Me - I know Maddison, but we'll be out of here in a minute.
Maddison - Mummy is it Samuel?!! (she even leaned over and smelt his bottom!!)
Me - hehee no it's not Samuel it's the smell of a very stinky fruit called durian.
Maddison - I don't like it, it smells.
Aaron - I don't like it either.
Me - Join the club!
I'll be honest with you ... I have never actually tasted durian - apparently it tastes better than it smells. But I just couldn't put something in my mouth that smells that bad, besides when you see what you actually eat from the fruit it looks weird - slimy sort of. (shudder) AND the smell lingers and lingers and lingers! Disgusting ... totally disgusting.
I'll just keep ignorant of the taste I think! ;-)


Penny said...

hee hee! Parmesan cheese smells like vomit but I eat it. Haven't ever smelled durian though.

mariam said...

ahahhahahaha!!!! I hate the smell of durian but I love eating them...soon after I will regret it cause I will smell real bad. I love the convo between you and Madison. was laughing so loudly while reading it.

Serene Ho said...

Rachel, you're not alone. I don't like durians too!

topkatnz said...

Yes, Penny has a valid point...hmmm, those paint with water books are still MY favourite!

Cindy Lee said...

Err...I love durians :) It stinks but when you put it in your mouth it taste differently :)