Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Antics

We've had a lovely day today.
This morning I saw this ... Daddy & Aaron are training up Samuel to be a computer geek already!!!

Later in the morning Lyndon took Aaron and Maddison shopping :-) Samuel was supposed to be sleeping for me so I could get some cards made! hahaa He woke up about 20 minutes after they left! Anyway I did get a few cards made ... he sat and watched me for a bit.
Lyndon, Aaron & Maddison also went swimming in the afternoon. I watched through the camera lens :-) And Samuel kicked his heels in the pram. I did get his feet a little wet in the pool, but he didn't think much of it. I need to get him some swim nappies so he can really enjoy it :-)
There was a bit of water play.
Fountain spraying.
Samuel relaxing :-)
Races ...
Aaron has a fair bit of his fathers side of the family in him I think! ... Maddison was winning, so he grabbed her leg and pulled himself close, grabbed her tube and spun her around so he was in front!! heheee
More water play.
Both the kids love Lyndon tossing them up in the air and splashing down into the pool. Maddison's facial expressions just cracked me up :-) (I'll let the photos do the talking!)

"Do it again!" :-)
Aaron's turn ... he's holding his nose here, but he soon lets go hehee

Ahh quick - grab the nose again hehee
Aaron also did lots of running & jumping into the pool :-)

So much fun (and so many photos hehee ... wonder when I will actually get to scrap these ones! I am soooooo far behind!).
Thanks for the lovely comments about my cards a couple of posts back. Here's some more that I have made yesterday and today. I have coloured the images with water colour pencils. Patterned papers are all from my scrap box! Some of them are VERY old! And some very old stamps have had an inking as well! :-)

Another cat one - this time I coloured the cat brown instead of black & grey.
Paper scraps :-)
In other news ... the washing machine went on the blink this afternoon - twice it tripped the earth leakage breaker and our power went out! I had a load of very WET towels in there! So pleased we have a laundrette in our condo, so I lugged the soggy towels and the rest of the laundry down to the laundrette and filled up both washing machines! It's a bit of a nuisance not having a washing machine in our apartment, but at least I don't have to get in the car and sit at a laundrette somewhere waiting for my laundry to wash & dry. Here I can set it going and then go back in half an hour when it's done. Hopefully I can get our one fixed this coming week.
I also made a cake tonight ... my favourite :-) (recipe here)
Thanks for visiting ... I will be back tomorrow night with more photos to share :-) :-)


mariam said...

hehehe your kids sure had fun in the pool! I wanna jump in as well lol.

I still have not bought any prams and all! oppss

Your cards are great! which reminds me that I have to sign up for the class.

Mrs Frizz said...

cracker water photos ... mini album coming up I think.

And your cards ... very 'noice'.

topkatnz said...

Yum, that's one decadent cake just to make 'because'. Enjoy!