Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Boys ...

Today was Aaron's 1st day at his new international school. On Wednesday we had orientation, so he and I went along to that. Listened to several people talk about how wonderful the school was etc. etc. (why little kids had to sit and listen to that when they weren't at all interested I really don't know!), had 2 trips out to the toilet with one little fidget pants during that session. When that was over I got my pass so I can come and go with ease through the school's security, found his classroom and met his teacher, and the best bit for Aaron that day ... the playground right outside his classroom's door!!! He came into the classroom said hello (in a little voice) to the teacher, found his name on a pile of papers we needed and then said "can I go to the playground now?"!!! :-) So while he got very hot and sweaty out there I chatted with the teacher and met some of the other parents.
It really is a small world you know ... I met a lady who I've seen and talked to at the hospital where we had Samuel and at the Dr's, and she has a little boy that is going to be in Aaron's class! There's also a little girl in his class that was in his class at Montessori. But kids make friends pretty quickly - it's amazing really just watching. All different nationalities and they are all playing together :-)
Today Aaron and I had to be at school for an hour - it was mainly just to meet some of the other kids in his class and mothers and find out the basics about getting to and from school, policies, etc. etc. etc. The important stuff we weren't told at orientation! LOL
So he had to be at class at 8.30am! Yesterday he took an hour to eat his breakfast! What to do!! Last night I put out his uniform all ready for him and had his bag all packed with his stationery supplies. I got up at 6.30 to have my shower and when Lyndon bought Samuel in for me to shower I saw Aaron was up already, happy as larry! So he jumped into the shower as well (good job I am bigger than him so I can hog the water hehee). He got himself all dressed, ate up his breakfast (with some help from me spooning it in) and we were at the school (amongst all the other traffic) at 8.10. Amazing really! LOL Lyndon was going to come in with us, but the traffic was just horrendous and we couldn't find a park, so he ended up just dropping Aaron & I off and going back home with Maddison & Samuel. Aaron & I walked home when we finished.
Here's a couple of pics of him with his new uniform on.

And if he tells me he doesn't want to go to school I think I can remind him about the "marble run" and he will be ready to go with bells on!!! He LOVES marble runs and doesn't have one ... so just watches them on you tube. If I had plenty of money (oh sorry ... if Lyndon had plenty of money for me to spend!) I'd get him one of these ones - they look sooooo cool.

After we got home Lyndon left for work. And when he got home he spent some time with Samuel :-)
And Samuel spent some time frowning at Daddy hehee
That's my boys! Big & Small hehee
Right - off to sort out some snacks for Aaron at school tomorrow - he has a half day tomorrow, Monday off and starts into it full time 8.30-3pm on Tuesday! He's going to be exhausted :-) :-)
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mariam said...

oh wow!! that is long hours. my daughter starts at 8 and finishes at 3 plus and she is exhausted!! lol.

and good luck with the traffic!

topkatnz said...

Phew! big steps. It will be such a fantastic experience for him! I love marble runs too - I bought Mitch one years ago, and it has been a favourite toy for him and friends all these years! I think you need to break into Lyndons wallet!!!

Serene Ho said...

Wow! Lots to do even before school starts. I'm sure Aaron will do well in his new school :)

teacher jessy said...

How time flies & your boy is already in the international school!! Kids are growing so fast these days! Enjoy reading ur kids updates & they are so stinkin' cute. You are a super mum!!

Mrs Frizz said...

Cute photos Rachel ... look at that look Samuel is giving his Dad ...