Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday - 1st Day of School Holidays

And I've survived :-) Actually we've had a lovely day. The kids were really good considering! Last night we had visitors and had a late tea and amongst the visitors was a little boy aged 2 and a half, and the kids had so much fun together, so you can imagine it was a late night and 2 very wound up little kids to put to bed once the visitors had gone. They were up around 7.30am which is a sleep in for them, so that was nice :-)
Maddison had a sleep from 10.30am till noon and during lunch Aaron informed me that he was very tired and really needed to go to bed!! (LOL at the "really need to" heheee). So he went to bed after lunch and slept for just over 2 hours! Sweet :-) Not going to complain about that.
I've noticed that when I am in with Maddison putting her to bed Aaron will forget that I have told him what I'm doing and will walk around the house calling (actually it's more like yelling!) "Mummy, where are you?". And this afternoon when I was putting Aaron to bed Maddison was wandering around calling out (she's a bit quieter than Aaron though hehee) "where are uuuu". So cute to hear her saying that.
After Aaron woke from his sleep they had some quiet time reading books and having a snack ... Aaron is totally fixated with anything to do with racing cards (Ferrari's in particular!) at the moment!

Maddison is in her own little world!
Lyndon came home from work a bit earlier and took Aaron to get a few groceries and to bank a cheque, then while tea was cooking we all went for a swim.
And now ... there's another thunder storm happening outside, Lyndon is trying to get the kids to sleep (unless he's fallen asleep too!) and I'm about to go and load up the dryer with towels.
I'll leave you with another couple of sneaks of a LO I've done for the April Kit for Scrap-n-Crop.

Oh look there's another snowman :-) hehee

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Penny said...

that's sweet he decided he needed bed. :)