Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's a Warrie ...

When the "boys" go off for the day together!!! ;-)
Aaron's star chart wasn't that great a success last week ... Monday 2 stars, Tuesday 4 stars, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday only 1 star each day. But we decided that he would go and do something with Daddy to show that when he does get stars on his chart there really would be a reward. Although on saying that I am not sure how we are going to top his reward from yesterday!!! :-) (And so far today he hasn't got a star! ... but he's asleep now, so he might get one for having a sleep!)
Aaron had been going on the last couple of days about going to the Thomas Playground (if anyone knows where that is let us know, because we sure don't!!). So Lyndon said to him they would go in the car and Aaron could tell Daddy where it was and show him where to go. So off they went! LOL They turned right out of the driveway (we usually go left) and headed down the road, round the corner, up the hill (using Aaron's language here!) and they got to a shopping complex where we sometimes go to get groceries and Aaron admitted to Daddy that he just wasn't sure where the Thomas Playground was! hehehee What a laugh.
End result was that Lyndon took charge of the directions from there and they ended up at Mid Valley Mega mall. And oh joy ... guess what was there?!!! A Ferrari clothes shop and a real LIVE "warrie" :-) Talk about major excitement! So his Nibs is now the very proud owner of a Ferrari cap.

I don't think he was that impressed that the Ferrari was roped off, but he did get to touch it. And Lyndon said that the security guard had to keep telling Aaron to not touch the ropes! (ha that would have been like water off a ducks back!)

They had Baskin Robbins ice-cream.
Did lots of other things too and got home very late for little boys ... he was totally wiped out ... didn't even stir when I got him ready for bed (oh yeah I did take the hat off!) hehee
Maddison and I had fun too ... we walked down to the Baskin Robbins shop near us later in the afternoon and she shared an icecream and a chocolate blast drink with me (I am sure everyone in a 20m radius could hear her saying "MORE, MORE, MORE" all the time!! lol)
I've done some scrapping this week too. Finished all my bits and bobs with the April kit for Scrap-n-Crop (I am feeling very proud of myself actually ... it's not even the last week of the month and I am finished!) heheee
Been playing some more with my Basic Grey archaic papers. I have decided it's heaps of fun to have a stash of "matching" papers to play with, cut out bits of this one and that one and it all ties in together. I like :-) Been scrapping some photos of Aaron taken in 2006 that have been printed and sitting in my pile for just a wee while!! I've completed 2 LO's and have another one half done.

This one I used a couple of my new Ali Edwards stamps "today you". Love her stamps.

And this is the little memory album about my Aunty that I made for my cousin. She's received it so I can show a pic here :-) It's an accordian album, so there's pics on both sides. Now I just need to do one for me!!

Okay, off now to tidy up the lounge, there's train track everywhere ... the biggest track you ever did see! Under the couches, round the coffee table, under the coffee table, alongside the bookcase and keyboard. It's jolly dangerous at night I tell you!! Would be okay if it was just flat track, but the bridges seem to be just in the right place to trip you up!


topkatnz said...

well the 'boys day out' sounds like a fantastic success!! Aaron looks soooo cute in his Ferrari hat ... and soooo wiped out when he arrived home. And you got to spend some time with Madison too ... great stuff!! Loving all your Archaic LO's ... one of my fav ranges! and oooops! know just what you mean about tripping over the kids 'stuff' at nights!! it's something I 'talk' to the kids often about - big and small kids ...!!LOL

Penny said...

Love the zonked out boy ;) Brilliant thinking there Dad.

Love the glimpse of the Aunty J album... should like to see what you do with your one. :)

It is nice to have matching papers - I do like getting the collection packs of BG and others for that reason.

angel gurl said...

Laughed at the instructions that A gave Dad. Too cute! But they had fun where they ended up anyway. Sounds like the girly day went well too.