Monday, March 2, 2009

It's very quiet here!

These little cherubs are both at school! I felt sort of funny leaving Maddison there actually, but don't even think she noticed when I left! (typical!)
Here they are waiting at the door to the foyer for me. :-) Aaron's a great one for telling Maddison to not run off and hold hands (huh like he does that! he's the world's worst for running away!)

Can you tell she's in a hurry! hehehehee

DEEP CONCENTRATION ... watching teacher pour pasta from one jug to another! When Maddison did it by herself she tipped it all over the table, got up from her seat and sat in the next one! (Like Hello ... who did that? I had to hide my grin!)

Here she is in the next seat spooning beans from one bowl to another. That's Aaron's arm to the right, he's picking up marbles. (the ones he's lost!) lol

They gave her a name tag, but it lasted about 1 second on her front, so I suggested they put it on her back where she can't see it!
I asked the teacher to take some photos of us. Maddison is chewing on Aaron's marbles!

So I am trying not to think about them (but that's not really working!) :-) I have a list of things a MILE long I want to achieve ... probably not all going to happen this afternoon. I can tick off "blog update" though! :-)
What I really want to be able to achieve while both of them are at school is one completed LO for each day! NOT starting today ... tomorrow! Today I have to finish off some other things first. So that's my aim. Hoping that I can stick to it!
Yesterday afternoon I sorted out all my LO's that I've done since we've been in KL. This is the pile (except for the ones for Maddison's album, my Book of Me and some in Aaron's album). Suppose I should have counted them!
I need to get some more albums. I want to have a family album for each year plus one for the kids. Up till now I have been using post bound albums, but they are such a nuisance to put together. I'm thinking about getting the D-Ring albums. But what's peoples experience on them? I am scared that if they are dropped or mis-handled that the rings will get wrecked ... you know like a lever arch file does and the rings don't line up. My albums do get looked at a lot and the kids get into them, so I don't want to pay for these nice albums to find that the kids look at them once, and the rings are bent. Would love to hear what others use and their opinions (please) :-)
Made this card this morning ... stamped the dino from the Scrap-n-Crop March dino kit several times ... 2 for me and the rest for Aaron to scribble on (whoops sorry, colour in!) :-)
The ROAR words come with the stamp too.
I cut the dino out twice and mounted the first one onto cardstock and trimmed around it then foam taped the second one on the top. You can see the dimension a bit better in this pic.

Okay, think I have waffled long enough. Best go and actually do something so I can tick some more off my list!


Penny said...

Looks like miss M is going to fit right on in! I like the Montessori teaching philosophy. Wish there was one at the right price and place near us.

That's quite a pile of LOs!!

D-ring albums... I've just ordered one myself so will let you know. I've found the post bound ones aren't so good for my style (with lumpy bits). I've had a few of the page protectors rip at the holes with the (admittedly) heavy use by the kids. I've heard good things about the D rings but will wait and see. The Grant archival "strap replacement" for the post bound is quite good though - much easier to deal with than posts.

Serene Ho said...

Such a blast! I love to hear journals about your children. So cute and yet so funnee. Tks for sharing!

Great job on the cards too!

Hannah said...

Looks like she will settle into preschool without a worry! I'm sure you will make the most of your time without the kids. I wish I could scrap when I get rid of mine, but unfortunately work beckons ... lol :-)

I have the D-ring albums and they are good ... but I have still found that they can rip at the holes if you have too many pages in one album. My pages are quite "lumpy" and heavy, so I can only have about 10-15 page protectors in each album. But they are much better than the post-bound albums I used to have.

Mrs Frizz said...

Love the pic of the two kidlets holding hands and Aaron looking back at you ... little Miss M is definitely on a mission in the next one.

Totally adorable looking at the pic of little Miss M in total concentration ... too cute.

Have fun scrapping your layout a day ... has gotta be good for you.

I used to use the post bound albums, but I've got 5 or 6 now on the rings and my layouts tend to be lumpy bumpy layouts and I like the idea of popping them into the ringed albums - time will tell whether they will last.

topkatnz said...

Lots of news there ... you'll soon get used to these quiet times and then think they are much too short!!LOL ... love all the pics.
I use post albums and some I have converted to those plastic fastener thingees(technical term!!lol) ... there is great interest in the D-ring albums at the moment, but I wonder if it's a trend thing. I am considering getting D-rings for my newest albums - my working albums; and then after a couple of years when the pages are looked at less often,binding them into post albums. This could work for you so as you could still use a combo of albums you have already got and the easier working D rings. I have heard about the hole surround areas ripping, so those eyelet things are needed I think...

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Little Miss M looks a picture of concentration in the bean scooping picture. Hope you enjoy your time alone!

fulltime mom

Darla said...

What a sweet couple of kids you have! They are so cute. I like the pics of Maddison heading off to school. It's just old hat to Aaron, isn't it?