Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's trendy to wear a hat!

Inside and most of the day! On Sunday morning one of the first things Aaron asked for when he woke was his hat! He proudly showed it to Maddison (mainly to make her jealous I think!) and then danced out of her reach. So as you can imagine there was trouble in the camp!!! I found her this other cap to wear (came free with a map book we bought when we first arrived in Malaysia). It has a velcro bit to adjust it at the back and she really makes me laugh watching her adjust it just so then put it on her head.
This morning they had some "laptop" time heheheee I just had to take pictures didn't I :-)

Such fierce concentration!
Which one is the "R" Mummy? (he knows, he just asks me random questions like that just for the sake of talking I think! Or maybe it's to see if I am listening LOL)

She's discovered the best way to wear the cap is backwards then it doesn't disturb her vision hehehee

Had to sit her sideways on the couch so the cap didn't keep coming off (the peak kept hitting the back of the couch). She decided she needed her "yum yum" (dummy) again here so had to take a pic of her drawing with her dummy.

I'll leave you with another sneak peek for Scrap-n-Crop's April kit. This one is a LO. (Remember I had to take pics of the kids one night at tea time a couple of weeks ago! :-) Well this is what for!) Oh and I LOVE Tattered Angels Olive Vine glimmer mist. It's a very yummy colour.

Computer has been playing up on me all day today, driving me nuts. So I am going to turn it off now!
Nite all.


topkatnz said...

well, they do 'rock the caps'!! ... and surprise, surprise, it is the woman who comes up with the good idea of wearing it backwards ... practicality first!!LOL

topkatnz said...

HEEHEE ... do you know that the last verification code was Cakeyist ... for the most cakey cake!!!LOL

Darla said...

I like the hats! Isn't it so cute when they wear the hats backwards at this age. But don't let us catch them doing that when they're teenagers!!