Friday, August 30, 2013

6th Week - 22nd to 28th July 2013

A week filled with fun at Nana & Grandad's!  :-)  It involved ...

Helping Nana with the veges.

Putting together Maddison's 6th Birthday Cake :-)

A party with her cousins and some friends :-)

Cousin C built (mostly all by himself) an airplane for Maddison's birthday.  So awesome.

Lots of horsing about hehee

Watching baby lambs being born.

Playing in the tree hut.

Having fun with the bubble machine.

Rolling through the bubbles on the grass seemed to be the most fun!

Building new lego sets.

Bottle feeding baby lambs.

and cuddling them!

Climbing all over Grandad's old truck.

Helping use up the rest of Grandad's can of CRC!!

Water blasting the path to the clothes line.

Checking for eels in the creek by the front gate.  (I was secretly hoping one of them would fall in hehee ... for the photo opportunity of course!)  ;-)

This is my most favourite photo of Samuel feeding a lamb :-)  Just love his grin.

Tree hut all finished.  Very cool!

Awesome two weeks had with the cousins.  Sad to see C, E and L head back home.  Lucky we still have one more week on holiday though!!  :-)

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