Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy Birthday Morning ...

Warning - as usual lots of photos!
It's my Darling's ___ birthday today :-) He was woken at 6.30am by Aaron getting into bed beside him heheee He took the day off so we've had a busy morning!
While Lyndon was receiving birthday phone calls and checking emails the kids iced and decorated a little mini banana loaf each for his birthday cake.
Sieving the icing sugar.

Aaron doing one of his numerous taste tests!!
Mixing in water & vanilla essence.
I put the icing on the loaf and gave them a little dish of heart & star sprinkles and chocolate drops to use for decorating (or eating as the case may be!!).

Then the left over sprinkles & choc drops got consumed with a teaspoon of left over icing! :-)
After Lyndon had finished with his phone calls the kids gave him the cards & pictures they made yesterday (nearly gone through another 6 bottles of glitter glue!!).
Opening first present ... Aaron picked this one out all by himself!
Yep ... a packet of smarties! heheee
A dinosaur excavation kit,
Aaron hadn't seen it before, but here he is telling Daddy ALL about it anyway hehee
Some watch magazines :-) (the only present really for Lyndon himself LOL)
And some foam thingy-me-jigs that you put together ... one was a crocodile and one was a crab.
Nearly finished the crab ... love the way Maddison is sitting!!! ;-)
Then time for some excavating ... the boys looking for dinosaur bones and Maddison getting into the smarties packet on the quiet :-)
Found the head.
Daddy was in charge of the knife & Aaron was in charge of brushing away the dirt and cleaning the bones :-)
Excuse me Daddy ... look what I found!
After all the hard excavating it was time for cake :-)
Daddy never got a look in to blow out the candles! :-)
And that's just been our morning! :-)
I suspect there might be bubble blowing later on in the playground. After all what else are birthday's for apart from things to entertain kids!! ;-)


Penny said...

heh - yeah, kids have the most fun on birthdays ;)

J9 said...

the taste test is very important. Sounds like the kids had a fab birthday I mean Lyndon lol.

Love how they helped him blow out the candles.

Sonya said...

LOL!! Thats one busy morning. Hope the rest of the day was great as well. Love your photos!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

*grins* happy birthday kids! LOL.. oops, was it daddy's? LOL.. it's the same in our household!!

topkatnz said...

hahahaha - Love the very kid orientated gifts! Happy Birthday Lyndon.