Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Have to record this

Tonight Aaron took a while to settle in bed. Maddison went to sleep fairly quickly, but he came out of the room a few times with silly excuses. Anyway the last time he complained that his toes were hurting! So I put him up on the vanity in the bathroom and had a look at his toes and he showed me which ones ... so I gave the nails a little trim (they looked fine to me!). LOL
In the mean time he's looking at himself in the mirror and he frowns and looks at me and says:
"Where do these come from Mummy?"
"Where do what come from Aaron?"
"These spots on my face"
"Oh, they are called freckles and they are very special because they are kisses from the sun. See, Mummy has lots too and not just on her face, on her arms and legs as well."
"Ohhhhhh, what are they called again?"
"And the sun kissed me?"
"Yes" :-)
So he got back into bed with some newly trimmed toe nails and whispering to himself about sun kisses hehehee :-)
I must take a close up photo of his face again so I can scrapbook this little conversation because he's got lots more freckles over the last month or so. That's probably why he's suddenly noticed them again. Nearly too many to count now! (I used to be able to!)


Anonymous said...

Aww, how cute! My little red head often asks about his freckles and why he has so many when Ethan and I only have a few. I tell him that they are SUPER cute, and that he's special like his Daddy (who is COVERED in freckles) ... he is always happy to hear that! :-)

Penny said...

:) Tim has a few now... it's kind of sweet.

J9 said...

awwww that so cute, I like that!! It's better than what my older cousins told me how we got them ( a fly must have landed on me and pooped on me). I know, but I was young at the time and was mortified and was scared of flies after that lol

Oh that book sounds very interesting.

topkatnz said...

ahhh, so cute! sounds like you definitely need to preserve this memory into a scrappy page!