Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Random Bits & Pieces

Remember the happy mail I got a few days ago ... well this also came with it :-) Scrap-n-Crop had an egg hunt on their website (not going to tell you how long it took me to find the 15 egg pictures), and I won :-) Woo Hoo I got a pile of Chatterbox goodies and some delicious chocolates! Aaron took this photo of me ... it was the least blurry!

Here's a random picture of Maddison yesterday - she went to sleep on my knee in the afternoon so I just laid her on the couch and about 15 minutes later she had moved and was sleeping like this!
This morning I've had fun :-) I went to Scrappingville to do a mini album class with Piradee Talvanna. I haven't quite finished it yet, but I will blog some pics when I do (hopefully tomorrow). But you can see Piradee's sample here. Mine looks a little bit different (of course!) because (a) I haven't been to Italy, let alone any place in Europe and (b) I wanted to be able to use the album, so I have done it with this new baby in mind. It's browns, greens, a little bit of blue and orange. Hopefully it will do for either a boy or girl. I can add in other coloured embellishments later on anyway to suit whichever it is :-)
Here's a pic of me (being the beached whale on the right) with Sharon (owner of Scrappingville on the left) and Piradee (teacher in the middle).

The kids stayed at school for the crèche programme after school today as I knew I wouldn't be finished the mini album class within 2 hours. And when I picked them up I was told that school is closed next Monday and Tuesday as they have been informed 4 students have got H1N1 virus. A bit scary really. The 4 kids that have the virus weren't from either Aaron or Maddison's class, but still it's close enough I suppose. So will have to phone the Dr this afternoon and find out if there's any precautions we need to take.
On that note I will go and put my feet up ... I do not like having fat ankles and for some reason with this baby I have started getting them this week! Ugggghh ... didn't have them with the other 2! Less than 4 weeks to go though :-)
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J9 said...

scary about the H1N1 virus. Wow 4 weeks, maybe cos its not me who is pregnant but it feels like this has flown by ( I know not what you would probably agree with) lol.

Yipppe for goodies you won.

Penny said...

ugh - hope the virus doesn't visit. :(

Serene Ho said...

it's good the school closed. that should be the way. I hope the children who are sick will continue to stay home till they are fully recovered. Take Care!