Friday, April 30, 2010


Lyndon got back from Singapore late last night ... he phoned me about 9.30pm to ask if the local Doctors was open. Ahhhh no it closes at 9pm, what's up?
Oh I just had a wee accident and cracked my head on the boot of the taxi! It's quite messy and I think it might need attention.
So I rang the hospital closest to us (which coincidentally is the one where I am going to be delivering bump #3) and they had an accident & emergency department. So he came home and got the taxi driver to wait while he dropped off his bags and exchanged a very sodden blood soaked pile of hankies and tissues for something clean and off he went.
I should have taken a photo of him before I had cleaned up all the blood that had run down his face and in his hair! But you can tell by his shirt that his face must have been pretty messy!

And here's a couple of before and after shots. Not sure how many stitches he got underneath all those butterfly strips. He was very pleased they didn't shave his head hehehee

Aaron was funny this morning. He went into the bedroom to see Lyndon and saw his stitches and came running back out to me and said "Mummy, Daddy has hurt his grey head!!" LOL
Lyndon is passing his trip off to the hospital as a trial run in case I go into labour early! Hahaaha
Meanwhile back in the craft jungle ... I have been playing with a few new toys! (I think these may be my early mothers day presents hehee) I bought some of Tim Holtz new alteration dies ... they are awesome. Really enjoying them. I've been using my cuttlebug and cut the covers and the ornamental shape out of heavy chipboard and the internal pages are just out of cardstock. I could cut 2-3 pieces of cardstock at a time no problems and cutting the chipboard was nearly like cutting butter! Sweet! :-)

So now I have a little mini album all ready to go. Just need to choose patterned paper and run that through with the die for the covers and then I can put it together and bind it with my zutter. :-)


topkatnz said...

Oh dear about Lyndons poor grey head!heehee Bet he's got a bit of a headache today! hope he didn't have to wait 6hrs to be seen like here!!
Sounds fantastic that you can cut so easily through chipboard with the dies - but goodness Rach - another mini-album!!!so what's this one for???LOL Oh yeah...prob some of those 1000s of photos you keep taking!!

Penny said...

Ow! You'll have to get him a beanie :)

Interesting to hear how the Tim Holtz dies work well in the Cuttlebug - been looking at them on his blog.

Hannah said...

Ouch, poor Lyndon!! Head wounds can bleed so much, it must have been quite scary.

I had heard somewhere else that those dies work in the Cuttlebug ... hmm, perhaps I will have to get some! :-)

J9 said...

ow at the laceration that looked nasty, what a way to have a trial run lol. Least he was able to get treatment quickly.

Oh like the die cut....

Serene Ho said...

that is painful. Hope the wound heals quickly!

Mrs Frizz said...

Ouch!!! ouch!!! ouch!!!

and yep ... you've gotta love those alterations dies ... I do!!!