Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 weeks

Till due date.
Getting heavy, feeling the heat more, the bigger I get the shorter my temper seems to get!, baby has dropped, but hasn't engaged yet, there must still be room to move in there because the baby sure hasn't slowed down!, getting annoyed that I keep misjudging how big my belly actually is when going in and out from the laundry! Going to the Dr's this afternoon for another checkup.
Maddison has finally said what she thinks the baby will be ... she says a boy, Aaron is still convinced it's a girl :-) hehehee I asked Aaron what he thought we should call the baby then since he thinks it's a girl (and we still haven't decided on a girls name!). His suggestion this morning was "we should call 'him' Maddison's baby"!!! LOL (He gets his 'her's & him's' mixed up hehehee).
50% chance one of them will be right in their guess anyway! I have no idea. And no I don't want to know. There has to be some surprise factor in there doesn't there?? ;-)
So far I know he/she has lots of hair, is busy, likes doing hand stands and kicking my internal organs up towards my throat.
What I don't know is if it's a boy or girl, whether it has big wide feet like Aaron, or tiny little feet like Maddison, red hair or dark hair, loud or soft cry (although if they want to be heard I suppose it will have to be loud especially if the other two are around!!), so many things to find out!! :-) Looking forward to it all actually.


Penny said...

oh yes - that's a dropped belly alright. Engagement can't be far off.

I'm having a bit of baby lust. Maybe I should get a cat.

topkatnz said...

yep,one of them is bound to be right - not that keen on Aarons name choice though!LOL I think it will be a girl too...

Hannah said...

How exciting, not long to go now! I guess potentially it could happen "any time". Your bump is looking great!

Mrs Frizz said...

okay, so I saw the photo, didn't read the blurb and thought to myself ... what the heck is that ... I so did not think baby belly ... but my-oh-my - that is some baby belly ... lol !!!

J9 said...

lol at Mrs F's comment. Awww Rachel I can see why you are feeling a little tired........awwww at what the kids said.

Serene Ho said...

This is so exciting! can't wait!

Matthew & Amy said...

Fantastic picture!! We're looking forward to hearing!

Russell and Denise said...

Oh how exciting, sounds wonderful, will keep ears open for your news,sure it will travel fast here as well. All the best!!