Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We didn't get to the playground yesterday to play with the bubble machines, so we went this morning instead. Unfortunately the one that Aaron wanted to use (a bubble gun) wasn't working so they had to share the other battery one!
This battery operated one Maddison is using here is really cool - the only downside is that the tray quite frequently gets kicked over and the bubble mixture spilled! (One seems to need a HUGE bottle of bubble mixture for these kids hehee)

Maddison having a turn with the blowing wand.

While Aaron has the battery one.

Oh another type of blowing wand to try!
Maddison cracked me up ... she would hold the wand so close to her lips that 80% of the time it would touch her face and then of course there'd be no bubbles when she'd blow!
Found a place in the shade!
Lots of fun ... just a shame it's so jolly hot for me!
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Penny said...

mine love bubbles too and yes - they go through the mixture like nothing else! You used to be able to get a big bottle at Te Whare but no longer. I don't like using dishwashing liquid because it stings and is sticky.
Tim also always wants the bubble gun one too ;)