Sunday, June 21, 2009

A 5th Birthday Party

The day started out like this ...
You can tell there's kids at Grandma & Grandad's can't you! They haven't put the toys away!!
Need a seat warmer if you are going to ride this trike!

Aaron & Maddison are really enjoying tormenting, oh sorry that should be "playing", with Grandma's cat 'Lilly'.

Aaron telling Maddison to "shush, not so loud in Lilly's ear'!! hehehee
In the evening we went to my nephew T's 5th birthday party. Grandma made him a John Deer cake with a trailer load of hay bales :-)

Not sure who's blowing the candles out here LOL. I think M had a wee turn! "Helping" you know!
T enjoyed the "fence".
And Aaron just had to help with the unwrapping of some of the parcels!!

This present was actually a dino book from Grandma and it was quite amusing because when T opened it he said "I've already got this Grandma, but I can keep it as a spare!" LOL what a hoot.


hazel said...

the kids are having a lot of fun. i'm sure u also spending great time there!

Penny said...

spare books are good ;)

Serene Ho said...

Absolutely hilarious! Love the cake. Great job on done grandma!

Anonymous said...

Looks like heaps of fun - Kate