Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saturday Fun

13th June - The day started with a bit of this! Digging up Grandad's drive!! Spot Aaron's boot resting on the shovel LOL
Some coffee caramel pinwheel scones ...
Aaron checking out Grandma's computer and wondering why he can't find "his" favourites under Grandma's list LOL
After lunch we jumped in the van and went out to my Dad's "hide out". Aaron was very excited and kept asking where Grandad was (he was in the truck in front of us!).
So when we got there we had to try out Billy Goat Gruff's bridge and inspect the little island.
Kids up the front with Grandad!
So much exploring to do! Birds nests ...
Beds in the loft.
Ladders to climb up and down!
Places to run ...
BLUE BLUE skies!
Sand to write your name in!
Old maimai's to check out (maimai is a southern term for a duck shooters hide out!!)
Reflections to admire.

This is a small overview of Dad's project ... there's 3 lakes he's created (they aren't full yet), he's transplanted 146 cabbage trees along the fence line and there's a little hut there that he can disappear too when the grandkids get too much! LOL :-)
After we had explored all around there we went to the beach ... shells, sand, water and waves ... what more could a kid want??
Water temperature is a bit different to Pangkor Island :-) LOL

Yes it did come up over the gummies ...
Maddison fell over so after that was happy to play on the sand.
And then of course no show without Punch! Aaron had to fall over as well ;-)
Time to go home!
So strip off and home in their singlets! Good job it was a beaut day :-)
And we were SOOOO lucky we did all that because the next day the weather packed a sad! The lawns didn't get mowed, but we had fun exploring :-)


Hannah said...

I can't believe your kids were in the OCEAN, in INVERCARGILL, in JUNE!! Brrrr! Even with clothes on, that would have been cold ;-)
Your Dad's hide away looks beautiful! What a magic spot.

Anonymous said...

just as well the kids are staying with your parents - it would be soooo boring in auckland! See you soon rach. smorin

Mrs Frizz said...

Caramel pinwheels ... OMG - they would be absolutely divine ... love all your pics ...

About to ring you. Talk soon.

topkatnz said...

yep, those pinwheels look gorgeous!! ... have you got used the cold yet?? ... the loft beds look loads of fun!!

Penny said...

mmmm. scones.

Great reflections too :)

Enjoying all the photos.

Serene Ho said...

love those beach pictures! great fun memories!

Cindy said... many pictures! Thanks for sharing with us, Rachel! Looks like the kids were having tons of fun!!