Monday, November 1, 2010

Please don't bite ...

That's what you hear me asking Samuel now! He's been teething (for a while!) and FINALLY it came through his gum on Sunday morning, just a tiny little razor sharp edge and today all the top is through.
He gave me the "thumbs up" to take some pics :-) heheee

He keeps poking his tongue in and out - he can obviously feel that little tooth :-) so funny!
Maddison is home from school again. Her cough got a lot worse on Saturday, so off to the Drs with her! She's now on antibiotics. Thursday & Friday are school holidays for her, so no doubt she'll be ready to go back on Thursday! (Murphy's law!).

Aaron is refusing big time to let me cut his hair ... I am blaming everyone who commented on his 5th birthday post about his hair at age 1 !!!! ;-) (just kidding) hehee Thankfully he's letting me trim around his ears as I can't stand it long over his ears! Anyway in the weekend I put some of Lyndon's hair stuff in it ... he wasn't too keen on it though and kept patting it down ;-) So every time I walked past I pushed it back up heheee (so annoying of me!)
He wouldn't look at the camera sorry, but I thought he looked pretty cool. I might have to tell him he either lets me do that or I cut it all! hahaa
Our cheapo Tesco vacuum cleaner blew up after a month or so, and we couldn't find the warranty(typical), so Lyndon and Aaron pulled it to bits on Saturday just because they could and threw out what they didn't want ... and what do you know ... later that night Lyndon found the warranty! hahaa Good job it was a cheap one!
I can't believe it's November today ... where did the last 10 months go? Seriously ... this year has just flown past.
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Anonymous said...

awww Master S looks so cute with giving you the thumbs up lol. I agree this year has flown by, very scary. LOL Master A and his dad looked like they were having fun pulling the vac to bits - thats such a boy thing. Mike thrives on doing that too lol. Bugga about finding the warranty card afterwards.

Mrs Frizz said...

He's growing up ... way too fast ... love the thumbs up!!!

Yeong Shong said...

Samuel is so cute!

Penny said...

haha - he's a cutie! Hope he tries out the tooth on something other than you.

topkatnz said...

Ouch! I remember those days!

Serene Ho said...

guess what? I love the romper! LOL! And I'm one of the culprits who said he looks good in this hairstyle hee hee ... and I still love it :)))))

Anonymous said...

hi Rachel, just found your blog. wonderful Halloween party :)

I am a crafter from KL too.. cheers! your kids are just adorable :D