Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Golf Mad

Just to record a little conversation from last night's dinner table!
Aaron - Mummy, Aaron wants a golf set cause I need it so many times. I like golf and my brother likes it.
Me - Eat your dinner please. (Please keep in mind that NUMEROUS conversations had been going on before this one ... most of them complete drivel ... and I was getting a bit annoyed with it. It's a ploy not to eat I am sure!!!)
Aaron - But I need it so many times, cause I play with the blue ball and Maddison plays with the pink ball.
Me - Do you play golf at school?
Aaron - No.
Me - Well where do you play golf?
Aaron - When I'm bigger I play, like last week I played so many times and I was growing and getting bigger and that's why I need it!!!
I just cracked up laughing. I mean seriously ... what woffle! Do you like his new favourite saying "so many times"?? It gets used a lot.
On Thursdays at our local market there's a stall that has heaps of cheap, and some not so cheap, nasty toys - most of them with a life expectancy of about 3 days in this household! Anyway there's a kids golf set there ... similar to this one.

EVERY TIME time (and I really do mean every time!) we go to the market Aaron fondles this golf set and tells me he has to have it! Sigh ... does he really think I am that stupid?! Imagine the damage he could and would do with a set of sticks like that, let alone adding a ball to the mix! I just shudder thinking about it!
I have no idea where he's learnt about golf - it's not a game either Lyndon or myself play. I don't mind mini golf, but big golf is not my idea of fun at all. We don't even talk about golf! Funny how Aaron is so knowledgeable about it isn't it! ;-)
So sorry buddy, the answer is still NO. No golf set and especially not while we are living in an apartment!
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mariam said...

ahahahahha I laugh so hard! thanks Aaron for cheering me up. had a hard day! phewwwww will update me blog in a sec

Penny said...

but I neeed it! I neeeed it! I need it!