Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Concert

This morning I went to Aaron's school to watch the Elementary School's Christmas Concert :-) They were so cute :-) I had to manage the video & the camera at the same time ... why didn't I think to take the tripod for the video??? (duh) Anyway I managed sort of okay - the video was on the whole time, but when I took a photo (and I didn't take many this time!) I had to hold the video with one hand, so it goes a bit up in the air sometimes hehee
Here's a few of the photos I took ...

And still people aren't able to follow instructions or read signs! (Some people are just down right rude!)

These couple of pics I've made small for obvious reasons - it's just so you can get an idea of how they were on the stage. Aaron's class were on my left.
And Aaron was in the front row with the girls hehee
Here's a closer up cropped pic of him when they were out the front of the stage performing. Some of the class Mum's got together to make the hats ... we made LOTS of candy out of pipe cleaners etc. and hot glued them to the fabric. They looked really cool actually. All the kids were wearing pajamas ... Aaron got new Batman ones for the occasion ;-)
Back in class after the show. :-)
They did an awesome job ... hope Lyndon can watch the video I took without making too many comments about the actual video taking! ;-)
This week I am busy busy busy putting together the card kits for Aaron's class that I am doing with them next week. I've had a little watcher!! ;-)

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Serene Ho said...

so much fun! if only we could watch the video too ;)

Penny said...

:) the cards look interesting.. and the watcher is cute.