Saturday, November 13, 2010

6 months old

The "liddle" fella is 6 months old! WOW so fast lah!
I took a few pics of him when he woke from his sleep this afternoon ... I introduced him to Percy the train as he's #6 ... I thought it fitting since he was 6 months old hehee

And he's not sitting up by himself yet, so after a bit the slow slide starts ...
and the look!
and we're down :-)
I'll just lie here thanks and play with the train :-)
Oh no I won't I'll turn over instead :-)
Close inspection of Percy :-)

He's going to experience solids for the first time tonight :-) So expect some more pics tomorrow on that hehee :-)
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Matt & Amy said...

Love Samuels hair style - it's a reverse mullet - long at the front and short back!! Amazing how quickly he's changing!

Annie@Ambriel said...

He looks just adorable :D

Shirl said...

Aww...its soo cute the way he slides sideways down and just continued to play with his toy train :) Will be looking forward to some meal time photos! :)