Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree ...

How the kids do love thee!!
Yesterday we put the Christmas tree up! I know ... it's not even December yet, but considering Aaron has been asking for it to go up since March I think we did pretty well to last this long! ;-)
In the morning we had a trip to Tesco to purchase some cheap tree decorations. I have a few nice tree ornaments which are slowly being destroyed (see below) by the kids and since they just can't help themselves by touching and wrecking, I don't see the point in spending money on buying nice or expensive things and then they only end up in the rubbish.
At Tesco they each picked out a length of tinsel - pink for Maddison (of course!) and blue for Aaron and we got a gold one for Samuel! I also got two tubs of mixed coloured baubles, which Aaron and Maddison promptly opened as soon as we got home and sorted out which colours belonged to who! (I'm just shaking my head!)

There was very helpful advice for Daddy on how to construct the tree from Santa's helpers!

A bit of picture taking with Maddison's view finder camera heheeee
Spot the finger over the "lens" heheee
More ornament destruction! Maddison just pulled the head of the Santa (it's neck is supposed to look like it's arms!) and then handed it to me and said "it's broke"! Unbelievable.

Once the lights (Daddy's job) and the tinsel (my job with little people's help!) were on the tree the kids decorated it themselves. Maddison seemed determined to hang all hers on one branch!
Aaron was pretty good at spreading his ones all over the tree.
One of Maddison's little collections!
The finished tree (after I had explained that the baubles around the bottom had to move higher up the tree so Samuel couldn't reach ... good enough explanation I thought to rearrange Maddison's clusters hehee).
Samuel inspecting the tree after his nap.
Wide eyed wonder :-)
After bath time I got some pics of them together :-)

Unfortunately Maddison decided to sing her version of Jingle Bells at the TOP of her lungs - it was pretty much shouting rather than singing actually! Aaron didn't think much of it ...
He even tried to cover Samuel's ears, but Maddison just shouted on oblivious!
Then a pic of Samuel sort of sitting on his own :-) He's still a bit wobbly unless he's leaning forward with his hands either on the floor or his legs. But if he gets excited (like in this picture) he very soon ends up doing a nose dive! :-)
Thought (since I was sharing lots of photos a few more could be squeezed in!) I'd show you some pics of how Samuel's getting about - kind of like swimming on land! :-)
Dig that toe in!

Ahh got her :-)
He was laughing at Maddison and look at the big line of dribble heheeeLess than 4 weeks till Christmas! Imagine that! This year has gone crazily fast!
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angelgurl said...

honestly I laughed when I saw what Miss M had done, I liked her style of clusters.....I think it made a statement lol.....I love how you were so diplomatic and managed to convince the kids of the danger it would pose to Master S (a valid reason). Speaking of which he looks so fascinated in the tree and decorations. Loved what you did with the tree though, very how the kids had thier own colours :-)

blairsboys said...

The tree looks great!! We are putting ours up on Wednesday (always December 1st here, although I think the first Sunday of advent - today - is a good idea as Wednesday is going to be tricky with school, work and athletics!!) ... LOVE that you got photos of the tree going up, that is something I have never done, and wish I had when the kids were little. Might have to get the camera out this year!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

omg.. how adorable are they!! Samuel is moving fast, Rach! you gotta be on alert at all times! LOL.

Penny said...

Looking good! See M is using that design feature of clustering well and taking after her mother.

Mine are clamouring for the tree too. Am trying to delay them until we have the break from Wednesday study but might succumb yet.

teacher jessy said...

Oh the christmas tree is up! Still thinking should I put mine up. LOL! Oh mine, the kids are growing so fast and they are so adorable :)

Shirl said...

Ooh, the children must have had so much fun putting the tree up! I can also imagine the mess...LOL... poor santa has got a longer neck now!

I've also put up my xmas tree..but its only a tiny one of 3ft tall... :)