Friday, November 12, 2010

Bugs ...

Had to share this because it so made me laugh! :-)
Last night at dinner Maddison was showing off the plaster on her arm to Aaron where she had the blood sample taken from. I told Aaron that she'd been very brave when the Dr took some of her blood.
Then of course I got the "Why" question! ;-)
Aaron - Why?
Me - The Dr took some of Maddison's blood so they could do some tests and see what sort of bugs Maddison has in her body.
Maddison - Yess (with a lisp!)
Aaron - I got bugs in my body too - they are all over my back and they make me run and jump!! (said as he's standing up on his chair at the dining table lifting his shirt up!)
You should have seen Samuel's face ... it was so funny. He got a crick in his neck looking up at Aaron with the most peculiar look. :-)
Maddison hasn't had a temperature today and hasn't been sick, but she's still carting around the sick bowl. Unfortunately she's shared her bugs with me ... so I have spent a bit of time in the bathroom today! Sigh ....
Hopefully I don't pass it on to anyone else.
A friend emailed me yesterday and she thought she might have the "man" flu. Well that's exactly the description I have been looking for! I have the Man Flu ... you know ... the one that's so bad that no-one else on this earth has ever had, or at least not this bad. Your whole body is just aching all over and it's impossible to do anything but croak out orders like "please can you get me a drink"! ;-) heheheeee
Okay I am off to put the liddle fella to bed.
Have a great weekend. :-)


annieambriel said...

I love all your stories of your children. I hope Maddison feel better soon. Take care :D

Serene Ho said...

that's funny. Get well soon Rachel! Hugs!

Shirl said...

Conversations like that just makes your day so much fun to go by, don't it?? I hope both you and Maddison will get well soon!

Have a great weekend!

topkatnz said...

ROFL - that desription was spot on!Hope you're feeling better soon! I'm not quite over my lot, and now I have a bit of a tummy bug too!!!AHHHHH....

blairsboys said...

I love reading the cute conversations between your kids! Amazing how they think, isn't it?

I hope you and Maddison feel better soon and that it doesn't spread any further.