Monday, November 22, 2010

Home made ice blocks & bath hair ...

I've been wanting to make these for a while and finally did last night. In New Zealand you can buy lemonade popsicle's which are quite moreish :-) and also really good if you have an upset tummy! ;-) Anyway you can't get anything remotely like that here in Malaysia ... well not that I have found anyway and believe me I have looked! So I decided to try just using fizzy drink ... anyone else tried that before? hahahaaa ...
I purposely didn't didn't fill the containers to the top, but still they overflowed and left a disgusting sticky mess all over the freezer! I also found that there wasn't much flavour and what there was seemed to be all at the handle and the main part of the ice block was "holey" for want of a better word! Had lots of air bubbles if you know what I mean.

We tried them this afternoon when Aaron got home from school. They thought they were just delicious ... but then they don't have childhood memories of lemonade popsicles like I do!! hehee

I think they will do the job for upset tummies though. Will help get some sort of fluid into the kids anyway. I had terrible trouble with Maddison trying to get her to drink enough when she was sick - but I am sure she would have eaten half a dozen of these a day ;-) heheee
I've mentioned before that Aaron isn't letting me cut his hair :-( It's bothering me, but I am trying hard to get over that! Sigh ...
Tonight I told him I was going to trim his side burns and around his ears and he seemed okay with that, so I didn't muck about and took him straight to the bathroom and did it right away hehee :-) After I'd finished he had his shower and I rubbed his hair hard with the towel and made it all stick up ... he laughed hysterically and tried frantically to pat it all back down heheee I went and got the camera and told him I wanted a photo so he wasn't to pat it down, then rubbed his hair again with the towel :-) I took a couple of photos of him in the mirror being a goof!

Spot Samuel in the background watching on (he's sitting in his highchair).
Have to record this as well ... this morning my helper was here and Samuel was on his mat near her while she was doing some ironing. Next thing she comes racing to me and says "Mam come quick, "Samwell" is crawling"! I looked at her and said "Really? - are you sure? - proper crawling?" "Yes Mam" :-) and she runs back to the lounge. heheee So I follow and here's "Samwell" doing his caterpillar moves across the floor with the mat about 1 metre behind him heheee Proper crawling!!! Yeah Right! She was so excited though. I just had to grin - you would have thought it was her baby heheee She told me later that all her children (she has 3) have gone backwards first and Samuel hasn't done that - he's got his eye on what's out in front! I think that's why she was so excited, because he was going forwards and not backwards hehee :-)
Lyndon's off to Japan this week - his 3rd last work trip for the year (hopefully!). We are looking forward to spending time together over the Christmas holiday period. :-)
Okay over and out from this end. I have a few things to tidy up before I head to bed.
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Anonymous said...

Love the popsicle lol..

Well, when I was very young, we made ice creams at home, no ice cream in store... We made them in long narrow plastics.. (flavours - red preserved sour plums {hot fave}, red bean, milo, orange or ribena :).. my mouth is watering now.. we had the more advanced version of it via popsicles (though the mould and packaging were very plain and simple then, not as fancy and colourful as these...
When the confectionary ice-cream ie Kings, or Magnolia came to town :)
I do miss it though.. these lovely popsicles... :)

Shirl said...

Loving those popsicles! Am a total fan, and I always keep some handy in the fridge. I haven't tried them with fizzy drink before, but I do remember reading it somewhere that you're suppose to leave the can opened and the gas to go away first before freezing them...hope you'll hv better luck next time!

Aaron looks so funny with his hair all spiked up! :))

Penny said...

Yeah - like Shirl said, let the lemonade go flat first before freezing them. Also, flavour needs to be stronger in frozen things so maybe try with lemon cordial instead. It's not quite the same I know.

Love the name Samwell! Like a Hobbit name. My two always went backwards first too.. they found it most frustrating and ended up in strange places.

Anonymous said...

I still buy lemondade iceblocks and keep them in the fact I had one yesterday lol......

Aww at Master Samwell and Master Aaron looks good with his hair spiked up like that :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I cannot imagine not being able to just buy a popsicle ... especially in such HOT weather! Maybe you need to introduce them to the KL market, you could be onto a winner!

I wonder if your iceblocks didn't have much flavour because the syrup all sank to one place? But if the kids love 'em, that's all that matters, right? I used to make iceblocks from diluted juice for the boys when they were younger, and they loved them. Like you, I will always prefer the "real thing" but kids are pretty easy to please!

topkatnz said...

You can't buy Lemonade Popsicles in KL????? that's even what they give you in hospital in recovery here!amazing in such a hot country!