Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday already!

Wow the weeks are just flying past. I read this morning somewhere that it's 37 days till Christmas!! Help me! Aaron is already pestering to put the Christmas tree up ... I am not quite ready for that yet though! :-)
So ... happenings over the last few days ... Samuel is REALLY enjoying his baby rice :-) Not so much fist clenching going on now and big slobbery grins while he's eating hehee :-) Here's a few more pics and I promise I won't show any more of him eating baby rice! ;-)

"Helping" me guide the spoon!!!
Yep - it's pretty good :-)

And the reason I put my hands in my mouth is so I get baby rice on my fingers .... then when I have finished my mouth full I have my fingers to suck!! (Or if I don't want to do that I just reach for Mummy's arm and wipe them clean on her!) hehee
I mentioned this on Facebook, but want to record it here too. On Tuesday night Samuel was in bed screaming and I was busy with something, so I asked Aaron to go and put his dummy in. He put his dummy in and then stayed there talking to Samuel, he rearranged his toys, pulled the blankets up and then sung Christmas songs to him. It was sooooo sweet listening to that (rather than Samuel screaming!) :-) After he'd sung the song twice he came out and told me "I put Samuel's dummy in and he's all better now"! :-) heheee
Maddison has started blowing "raspberries" at every opportunity, the unfortunate part about that is she tells me after each one that she's "doing poopies"!!! I can't even tell her off properly because Samuel thinks it's hilarious and nearly breaks a rib with his giggles! So of course she just does it again and again and again and again!!!! (Toilet humor! sigh)
I have been creating, but I can't show anything yet sorry (it's for my Darkroom Door assignment). I'm hoping to have it all finished by next week, so after that hopefully I will have crafty stuff to share again.
Alrighty - time for me to get off here. Happy Thursday to you and thanks for visiting.


Penny said...

Shoot - 37 days!? man....

Older siblings are just great :P

Shirl said...

You're kidding me....only 37 days??? I'd better pull up my socks and work on those cards soon! And I thought I had given myself a good headstart... I think I'm still lagging!

Aaron is soo sweet to sing to Samuel after he put the dummy in... he's a great big brother ain't he? ;) And Maddison is so funny! LOL

Happy Thursday to you too! :)

blairsboys said...

LOVE the photos of Samuel eating, the ones from the other week too! They are going to make great layouts. It's good that he is enjoying his food :-)

Sounds like Aaron is a very caring big brother, it's great that he can help out in practical ways like that.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i need a baby. minus the night feeding. can u find me one? LOL