Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Samuel Pics :-)

Just sharing some more photos of Samuel (and Aaron & Maddison) because I can hehee :-)
Samuel hasn't wanted to eat his baby rice the last few days, so I tried him with apple ...

He didn't like that much either! I mixed it with baby rice and also gave it to him plain, but he wasn't fussed with either! hahaaa Tonight I tried him with veges mixed with baby rice. He gobbled it all up! YAY :-) So hopefully that trend will continue! Veges for breakfast anyone? :-)
I've shared part of the kids bedtime ritual here before when Lyndon is away, and tonight I took some photos of the other part! It's getting more interesting now heheee
For some reason Samuel LOVES Aaron's bed. You put him down on it and he nearly hyperventilates with excitement! True ... his arms and legs go like windmills and he puffs and pants! He's just SOOOO excited. You can't help but grin at him! :-)
Anyway back to bedtime ... after I've read their stories Aaron & Maddison get into their beds and while I put the books away Samuel has a turn in each of their beds. :-) I said it's getting more interesting ... that's because Samuel doesn't lie still anymore hehee
In with Aaron ...

Ahhhh ... don't mind me I am going to roll over right on top of you big brother - you just watch out!!! :-)
I have my eye on your toys!
Maddison's bed is a different thing all together - he's trying to escape from her the whole time! As you can see she's a bit enthusiastic with her cuddles!

Okay Maddison sweetie, back off - Samuel needs some breathing space please!
Ahh that's better :-) (even if she does have a grip on his neck hehee)
The only thing wrong with this bed time ritual is Samuel won't go down to sleep after this (after I've feed him). He's too wound up! hehee So he generally ends up playing on his mat (or scooting off it as the case is now!) for another half hour/40 minutes before he's happy to go to sleep!
I was talking to Lyndon tonight telling him about Samuel moving about on the floor - he's off and away I tell you! I told Lyndon he won't believe how fast he's getting about now - the difference in 3 days is amazing. It's kind of like he's swimming on land! He bends one knee up, digs his toe in and gives a big push and his arms move to help him and bend, dig, push, arm pull and he's off! Will be interesting to see if he actually crawls properly or if he's happy to just get along on his belly! He's got this ring stacker toy that has a rounded bottom so it wobbles and if it gets pushed over on its side, it rolls! So Samuel pushes it over and then a game of chase starts up. :-) Lots of huffing and puffing going on trying to catch it hehee :-) I love watching him. As Maddison says "Baby Samuel is doing exercise!" :-) heheee
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Anonymous said...

oh lovely photos... thanks for sharing the moments.. they are just adorable :)

Penny said...

awww sweet Samwell.

Maybe he'd like to try banana? it's sweeter than apple.