Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday

Been a rough few days so this morning I decided I would do a post on little things I'm thankful for ... just to remind myself that I really am lucky and I do have a lot to be thankful for! But life/bugs got in the way a bit and here it is after 11am already! Anyway life keeps going and we are struggling to keep up ... but we're managing (just)!!! hehee
I'm thankful ...
  • that even though Maddison came into my bed at 3 am and wanted me to turn the light on and sit with her (I wasn't allowed to lie down), hold her hand and hold the sick bowl she wasn't actually sick.
  • that she decided she would go back to her bed at 4.30am! (I just smiled and said 'yes that would be very nice'!) hehee
  • that even though Samuel woke at 5.30am ready to start the day, he was happy to lie in bed playing with his toys and squealing and "talking" to his toys and his reflection in the mirror.
  • that I could lie in bed with my eyes closed for an hour listening to Samuel's happy noises :-)
  • that Aaron slept really well last night (1 out of 3 ain't bad is it?)
  • that Samuel's cold is much much better.
  • that so far Aaron hasn't gotten sick.
  • that Aaron is happy to go off to school.
  • that I could phone the Dr's last night and talk to them about Maddison rather than having to pack the three kids into the car and drive there.
  • that the Dr's clinic is only 5 minutes up the road in the car.
  • that Maddison was really really brave this morning when the Dr took a blood sample (hopefully get the results tonight).
  • that I could leave Samuel sleeping at home with my helper when I took Maddison to the Dr's :-)
  • that I only have a cold and even though I feel lousy from that and serious lack of sleep at least I'm not vomiting!
  • that so far today Maddison hasn't vomited.
  • that we have a washing machine (imagine hand washing, especially when the kids are sick!)
  • for free colouring-in pages that I can download off the Internet :-)
  • that there's only ONE more sleep till Lyndon is back.
  • that I have been able to text Lyndon and talk to him pretty much whenever I have needed to this week.
  • that on Saturday I will be able to have a nana nap while Samuel sleeps (here's hoping anyway).
  • that tonight is pizza night so I don't need to tax my brain on what to cook for dinner!
I think that's 20 ... my head hurts and Samuel is VERY pleased with himself because he's in his high chair bashing a toy about and it's making the loudest noise! (the best kind for kids, just not for me right now!!).
Yawn ... thanks for visiting and hopefully I will be back up on full steam next week. And I'll have the camera so I will be able to share some pics.
Happy Thursday to you all.


Penny said...

oh bummer about the sickies and lack of sleep :(

Serene Ho said...

Happy to know you and children are feeling better :)