Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn't a celebration in New Zealand like it is in America & Canada. So this is the first time really I've seen it done in American style :-) A few of the class Mum's (sorry that should be Mom's!) put together an amazing spread for the kids to celebrate Thanksgiving.
I had the responsibility of bringing some butter!! (big deal I tell you!).
Here's the tables all set waiting for the kids :-)

Check out this felt turkey heheee
The food ... lets just say it was AMAZING and my contribution of butter was just pathetic!
Aaron with a little juice box (apple) and it made me laugh because it had on the box the label of "belly washer" heheee. Seriously it did! :-)

Aaron with his plate of food and he even ate some turkey!
And this afternoon he came home with a certificate - Perfect Attendance Record! How cool is that :-)
Now Aaron thinks it's his turn to be on the computer, so I have to get off! :-)
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Yeong Shong said...

the felt turkey is very it handmade?

Wishful Thinking said...

Yeong Shong - sorry I am not sure if the felt turkey was handmade or not. A couple of the American ladies did the table decorations so I assume it's stuff they bought with them from the States.

topkatnz said...

Happy Thanksgiving!LOL I'm quite happy to not celebrate that one, the end of year always seems too busy as it is! I think I'll save my thanks for the new year, when I'm just grateful to have made it thru!heehee