Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Part 2

So ... last night Aaron's school put on a Halloween Party and went all out with the decorations and activities. It was amazing. We walked down and the kids put their costumes on when we arrived as it was so warm! Both Lyndon and I had a stint at manning Aaron's class stand which was the "Witches Toss" game (throwing rings onto witches hats :-) !). So we parked Samuel's pram up beside the lounging skeleton and took turns at watching Aaron and Maddison run round after balloons, tossing the rings and generally getting hot and sweaty!

Here they are having a turn at the witches toss game (excuse my witches nose hanging around my neck!).
Total style!
I wrapped Samuel's pram in spider web and hung a big black spider in the front ... he had a white singlet on and the idea was that he was the "white web spun ball of spider eggs in the spiders nest" hehehee :-) I have no idea how he did, but he slept on and off throughout the evening with very loud music playing (seemed to be a lot of Lady Gaga in the mix!!) ;-)

Having a popcorn break while Lyndon was on duty at the witches toss. He told me he hardly had anyone come and thought he might have been scaring them off hehee
Himself with wig on backwards to try and keep hair out of his eyes! He looks like a groupie from the 70's if you ask me!
The hallways had been decorated for a trick or treat trail around the school and it was so well done. Aaron nearly messed himself when this battery operated ghost wailed out a greeting to him heheeee
Right at the end they got a "tattoo". Maddison had her costume off by then it was just so hot!
There was also a haunted house, which apparently was awesome. But there was a huge queue to get into it and we also had the pram so left it this year. I think the kids would have been scared anyway ... both were telling me that the music was scary! (In amongst the songs playing there were wails and screeches every now and again!).
The kids were pretty happy with their candy haul ... they each had a bag and I have put them up VERY high and am rationing the sweets! hahaa such a mean mother :-) Hopefully it will last till Christmas ;-) snigger snigger
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Penny said...

heh heh - Lyndon with hair...

Sounds like they had a good time! :)

Anonymous said...

wow your school does so much I am impressed. Very social school your school lol. Love the decoration of Master S's at Lyndons wig. The kids looked like they had a blast. Oh I love your goodies in the post below, well the ones you could show us anyway lol.